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  • Am I new?....sort of....

    Back in the 60's, I had a slotcar car set. I think the word Champion was on the box. Made in France by Jouef. I wound up getting a second set plus a spare car for a total of 5 cars (BRM, Lola Grand Prix cars). So lots of track with the two sets. We'd race until the cars got hot, then swapped cars with fresh ones and kept going. The coolest thing about these cars were the front wheels were connected to the slot guide and turned right and left around corners or when sliding out.

    A little over 10 years ago, I got back into slotcars, and not knowing the scale I used to have, I opted for 1/32 (which turns out to be a bit larger) and bought as Scalextric set with two Lotus 7's. I found Scalextric track designer software on their website, desinged a new track and ordered what I needed.

    Then the collection started to grow. Never got terribly large but must be about 3 dozen now. Scalextric has been a favourite, Fly are incredibly fast, Carrera's need guide work to run on the Scaletrix track, and Nincos nice. I have a Ninco Cobra that is like the real thing, way over-powered. Lots of older race cars, such as GT40s, more Cobras and some early 60's grand prix cars (again).

    Further upgrades were better controllers....those ones with all the diodes wired in series. I added brakes (seems to me I had to remove all the diodes and install them the other way around as well as add some wiring...I forget now). And a Scaletrix Lap-counter...with LCD display no less! And who could have a track without a Dunlop Bridge and some bystanders (mostly pretty girls, some of which could be perched on the car's fenders)...I had to paint them. I even managed to find one of those Scalextric automatic cars that would learn the track and I could race against it alone (and I never won...sigh).

    Slot-Car-Illustrated was on the net, although I don't remember a forums section, just some good reviews.

    I've been into RC again in recent years, but the other day I looked at some slot-car manufacturer's websites for the first time in a long time. A lot of favourite cars are no longer being made, but I was amazed at the digital technology that lets two cars share the same slot. Don't think I'll change quite yet.....chuckle. And that made me think to check out SCI again. And its still here and looks better than ever. I'll have to look around and see what's new.

    (When I was a kid, other kids had train sets.....I had a slotcar set. Ever since, I've been a car nut, with slotcars, RC, and full-size cars)

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    Welcome to the forum, Eggbert. Your story sounds a lot like many of us here - raced slots in the '60s or '70s and rediscovered them just a few years ago. I liked those steering front wheels too, although, they seem to have become less popular now, probably because they might be slower and more prone to breakage, but a few manufacturers still make open-wheel cars that have steerable front wheels. I still prefer them on open-wheel cars, even if they are a bit slower and more fragile.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your posts,


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      to SCI



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        Thanks for the "welcome" Jim and Fred. Sounds like I might not be the oldest slot-car aficionado here...LOL. Looking over recent new offerings, I seem intrigued by Scalextric's DB5 (C3091A) and their 1955 Mercedes-Benz Jaguar set (C3058A), so maybe my collecting days arn't over yet.

        I remember back in the early 70's seeng a magazine advert for a slotless set made by Heathkit....seems like the current digital tracks use similiar technology, except there are still slots.

        I must do some research here on rules of racing. We made up our own rules....well, basically one rule: If there's a crash, the other car can catch up, but not pass the crashed car until the crashed car is put back on the track. This may not give much advantage, but it could be up to almost 1 full lap.

        Crashes became less of a problem when I re-wired my track to use individual power supplies for each lane. Before that, when one car went off, the single power supply voltage would come up and if the other car was precariously close to losing control, the extra power would send it off the track as well.

        Guess I have to see what forums are what for a particluar subject, and it's likely I'll have to start using my Photobucket account more so I can post some pics of cars, mods, and track, etc.


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          after you post so many times you can just post your shots on thru SCI, look at the pioneer cars they have a few cool cars that are great and can be digi if you want later, welcome and keep posting there are really good folks here


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            Welcome!!!! You're going to love it here.


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              Welcome aboard Eggbert! And welcome back to the world of slot car racing!


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                Welcome back to slots, Eggbert! As ZoomB wrote, many of us here have a similar background, so you're not alone.

                I'm pretty sure you'll hang around a lot, as you say your passion for slot cars is big - I guess all passions are "big", eh?

                Anywhat, keep an eye out for good deals at the Buy/sell/trade forum if you're into collecting, and search the other forums for general, or specific information.

                Cheers and make yourself at home!