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My tardy introduction

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  • My tardy introduction

    I joined SCI in mid-March, and forgot to introduce my newbie self. Sorry for the lack of manners!

    I'm in Nebraska (Hi Derek!), where it seems sloters are few and far between. I'm trying to get some local friends and relatives hooked, so maybe we can start a club someday.

    Like many of you, I had an HO set back in my childhood (the 70s) with some extra cars and track. I loved changing layouts and running the cars for hours. But one day I put the "toys" in a moving sale and never looked back. Recently my wife bought a Carrera Go set for my younger son at a garage sale. I took the initiative to show him the joys of expanding the track and changing layouts, and we had a blast. Looking for more, I came across 1/32 and fell in love. The timing was right, because I needed a new hobby and a way to spend more time with my two boys.

    I decided on Carrera Digital because of the large track that (IMO) looks like real road, and allows 1/24 if I want to add that later. I'm very happy with the "feel" and racing action on Carrera track. I chose digital so we could race several people in just two lanes. I'm very happy with that decision, because the racing interaction on two lanes is far more realistic than each person staying in a dedicated lane. It's awesome! My first cars are classic American muscle (57 Bel Air, 77 Firebird, and two 67 Mustangs), which I love. But now I'm itching to get some LeMans, GT and F1 cars to provide different settings. So far I've only been adding track and trying layouts, but I've begun building a table to add scenery. (See my gallery or

    I feel warmly welcomed here, as everyone in SCI has been very helpful with my newbie questions.
    Thank you to Alan and all the moderators for hosting such a great community!


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    hi and welcome, never to late for a howdy


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      to SCI, and if you ever head south to KS, look me or Geno up



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        Welcome, though you have been around here longer than I.


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          Originally posted by scrjon
          hi and welcome, never to late for a howdy
          What he said!

          I'll be quiet for now, 'cause you're "new" to the Board... but in a not so distant future I will try and bring you to the Dark Side of slots!