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    Hello everyone,

    I'm sure at least a couple of you will recognize my name as I've been racing across the U.S. for almost 40 years now. I took a bit of a hiatus for the past few years, only making a few races, primarily in the F2000 single motor GP-7 class at Alpha's Holiday Classic, just to say that I was still actually a slot racer.

    Now that the vintage racing has started, it has really piqued my interest in building those horrid steel wire and brass cars (I forgot just how much I HATE cutting .063 brass with a **** Dremel, AND how crappy it is to solder too) and trying to come up with something that's new and exciting while adhering strictly to the posted rules.

    At any rate, I just wanted to be able to get my 2 cents worth in now that I'm back racing again and I look forward to spirited discussion, fabulous ideas, and seeing the incredible photos of everyone's work.

    Sadly, I believe that our sport will be mostly gone when our generation goes, as I rarely see anyone young racing. Hopefully, some of the ideas that have come about in the past several years (single motor racing, vintage, circle track, etc.) will help this sport, the fastest motorsport in the world, to survive.

    John Peirce
    [email protected]

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    Welcome to the club JPeirce
    Lookin' forward to getting to know ya

    There is a few of us hoping to not let the hobby's a promoter right here;

    Would really love to learn how to build a good brass chassis some day


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      Hi and to SCI



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        Thanks so much 2Fer and Fred. If I can help with anything, please don't hesitate to drop me an email. And for 2Fer, I've built literally thousands of chassis over the years, including wire and brass and hand cutting the original steel cars by the hundred. I can certainly give you any help you need. They really aren't that bad, but I'm used to the snap together perimeter cars now and I can put one of those together in about 20-30 minutes, so I guess I'm spoiled...LOL.
        Thanks again gentlemen.



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          hi jp nice to welcome you I am real interested in seeing any jigs you have for building brass chassis, or any info at all


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            Welcome aboard. You should love this board, as the people here not only love slot cars, but are good folks. It's funny, though, I've never heard of the slot car hobby referred to as a sport.


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              Welcome aboard John: nice bunch of people here, many very knowlegeable, and most generous with what they know! I think you'll like it here...