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  • pLiCk in da house

    yo all, im real new to this slot car sport (besides having a basic set when i was 12) i tried my first couple of cars today. the owner of the local shop where i buy heroclix has a track set up and was testing out some cars. i started asking questions and he let me try out the cheap car then let me try out a little bit nicer car and i totally noticed the difference. fell in love after 3 laps. raced a kid that was standing there and am going in on saterday to buy a camaro (forget the year think its a 79) you will see me in the forums alot becouse im the kind of guy that when he gets into a hobby i learn everything bout it.
    something about me... i play heroclix on the weekends, train in jujitsu/boxing/kickboxing/mma, am a wieghtlifter just in the process of selling my d&d books (plated for 14 years) love modles and anything where i can build and now am getting into slotcar racing. anyhelp on info like brands that are good to buy or sites where i can learn how to mod my cars out will be appreaciated

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    Welcome pLick. Best kind of cars depends on preference, and there are a lot of different opinions. My opinion is that Slot-It are the best for racing, and just plain quality, along with NSR, MRRC, and I like Ninco too, though they tend to need more prepping. Scalextric makes good track, and cars, though the cars tend to be a little underpowered, and they need a bit more prep. Alot of guys like the Carrera track, as it is wider than the Scalex track. Many like the Carrera cars as well, but I think they are waaayyy far behind Sot-it. If you want a site for parts, and cars, check out the sponsors of this forum, such as 132slotcar, and Electric Dreams, and others. You can get a ton of tips on hop-up and general tuning right on this forum. Just look around. Welcome, and enjoy.


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      Hi pLiCk,

      to SCI! Use the search engine a lot, as it works pretty well if you know what you're looking for. Also you can pick the brains of the more experienced guys here - and they're a lot of them!

      As for the best cars, as mandoman just said, it depends on what type of playing/racing you're into. Our sponsors carry almost anything slot related; check them out here (click on the banners). They'll give you great service!