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    Originally posted by Giddyup View Post

    By the way - how does the Spyder run?
    You, sir, have earned free use of the interwebz for a day...

    I have not run the Spyder yet - probably next week at the store? I don't have a track anymore, it got torn up and tossed a few months back. I needed the space more than having that white elephant gathering dust in the basement.


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      Finally a pic from epay!
      It's the position of the head (BIG) that seems to be looking skyward???
      Not sure why this position was taken???


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        $104 or $84 online. If you can afford it buy at your track. The tunderslit I feel is better then NSR, the pod, the design. He learned from NSR and improved on it. Hope they make more models


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          I just got my fourth TS Lola. I now have two of the coupes and two of the spyders. My first three TS Lolas had several problems as delivered but none were hard to fix and all three are fast runners. My newest spyder is the #52 Peter Revson car and I am pleased to say that it ran acceptably well straight out of the crystal case turning an under 6 second lap on my 55' mdf road course. Apparently quality control has improved. After about 15 minutes of tuning, including gluing and truing the rear tires, adjusting the ride height of the front axle and adding grub screws in the holes right behind the front wheel wells to adjust the nose of the car above the track it is now turning laps in the low 5 second range. GREAT slotcar.


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            I have both a coupe and spyder, both of which I held back from initial purchase because of pricing. After experiencing their performance OoTB, I was amazed. Ended up with one of each and am OK with that.

            They are fantastic cars which have superbly matched components that offer a step function higher level of performance than any other car (NSR included) right out of the box- at least for the NASTE racers.

            That said, individuals have been able to build other marques to compete with them, but not without extensive R&D investment. These are fantastic cars.



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              I started cautiously with the coupe - as I couldn't not have a Surtees car - and even though it is missing the black panel on the tail, it was pretty awesome.

              Then, hey, have to have something to race against - JoBo Bonnier was next to hit the track, followed by the Jame Garner coupe --soooooo, the spyder was never a question. Actually the only question is that I have a Spyder white kit - and I don't want to make a version that will soon be out by the factory!

              Then, in six months or so, will come the McLarens -- good times, my friends!!!

              Steve C.
              Black Point Raceway
              Boise, Idaho


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                Mine run only on my track. Not enough of the local racers are willing to spend the $$$ to buy this really fine slot car and then race them.


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                  Had a chat with the owner of this car.....modified driver...Replaced front plastic wheels and tires with Slot-it, new PG rear tires . (Wheels and tires in pic stock)
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                    Originally posted by sascws90 View Post
                    Had a chat with the owner of this car.....modified driver...Replaced front plastic wheels and rear tires. (Wheels and tires in pic stock)
                    And what did the owner say?


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                      Ninco track,
                      "All in all, they're lovely cars and extremely fast, but pricey once the extra wheels and tyres are added. The down side is that they are so fast they wipe the floor with everything else similar, so I've not much at my club to race them against!"
                      I must say "great work and the driver looks 100% better!!
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                        Worth every penny!


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                          Driver Stance

                          More of the conversation of (Dopamine)
                          "Re: your email to me asking how I moved the Thunderslot Lola drivers to the correct position, I can't remember exactly!

                          I'm pretty sure I first removed the torso from the driver tray by grinding away its melted heat stake so that the body became loose, then chopped a millimetre or so from the lower part of the torso to make it shorter, plus removed a bit from his back so that I could glue his hands to the steering wheel in the correct place and then remount the torso to the driver tray.

                          If you have a look at the photo below, you'll see that the lower seat-belt buckle is missing, which I presume disappeared when I shortened the torso.

                          I also removed the head (I twisted it off, I think, breaking the plastic that holds it to the torso) and shaved away as much of the neck as I could without making it look too stupid, and that also had the effect of lowering the head.

                          NIce cars, if expensive, but I run mine on Ninco track and in their standard form they are simply too low and drag the chassis along the track. I fitted the rear wheels with, I think, Paul Gage PGT21125 tyres which raised the ride height slightly, and swapped the front plastic wheels for 15.8 x 8.2 x 2.5 items, fitted with some taller profile tyres I had spare. Not sure where they came from."


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                            Id love to see a photo of the car with the smaller wheels. The stock ones look WAY too big for the car.


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                              Is this the height of sarcasm??? Thunderslot wheels/tires pale in scale compared to 1:1 Lolas -even the 1966 cars -- it really needs ride height and proper tires -so first, the rears go to the front and then find larger wheelsets ( for the rear - and you get something approximating 'prototype' !!!

                              I hope you were kidding...

                              Steve (hey, Montana is close to Idaho, right???)