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    As a kid having seen the Scalextric 3 lane 124 scale track at the back of a Scalextric catolouge I always thought that was the way to go. To me 3 lanes is more pleasing to the eye gives more scope for play, and is, 40 odd years on a boat the Scalextric, and the rest have missed. I guess that if your determined enough and again I'm guessing that the people in the know have done their research and you have the financial backing and you really want to produce a new track then 3 tracks must still be the way to go, just because the other big players haven't. The hard plastic is still a good idea, and I still remember the Revell track hanging on the back of a door. where has the Scalextric track had to be made up each time you wanted to play. the Revell track by the way had a smooth surface. Its also I believe true that the kids/children of today are used to instant and computer games does that better than any other type of game/toy. Slot cars needs a caring. you have to spend time getting things right, and you guys know this can take a life time to perfect, myself 51 years slotting and Im still not happy with the the layout, the scenery could be better, the power to track 2 seems a bit stronger than track 1. No I wouldn't change it. Interesting to watch the developments on this one.


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      3 lanes

      3 lanes is definitely the way to go IF IF IF you are among the very small percentage of people that desire the additional action of a 3rd lane, and don't have space for 2 + 2.

      The reality IS though, that you ARE just a small percentage, which is why even in the hey-dey of slot car racing when numbers were ten or 50 times what they are today - the market didn't support 3 lane systems.

      3 lane systems would limit racing to 3 or 6 lanes and that would cut even more people/clubs/groups out.

      You can debate it all you want, this is the commercial reality.


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        we r all jus a small %

        of a small %

        would seriously consider another track system if it had 3 lanes
        especially if it was digital


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          Carrera works fine for three lanes, if you don't mind unused slots as borders or hand-cut single lane straights.