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GTSLOTS 2018 Sideways Lamborghini Huracan Championship

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  • GTSLOTS 2018 Sideways Lamborghini Huracan Championship

    Great Traditions (aka GTSLOTS) will run a North America race program for the Sideways Lamborghini Huracan car models. Regional races will be scheduled, culminating in a North America Final race to be held on Saturday, December 1, 2018. The Finals will take place at Great Traditions, 831 Byberry Road, Philadelphia, PA. Track opens 8 am, tech inspection starts at 10 am, racing scheduled to start about 1 pm.

    To qualify for the finals, you must finish in the top 4 of one of the 2018 Sideways Lamborghini Huracan regional races to be announced soon, or have a prior champion's exemption as a previous winner of a GTSLOTS championship final within the past 5 years.

    Any shops, clubs or slot car organizations interested in holding a regional event contact Robert Holt by phone (908-397-7886) or e-mail ([email protected])

    Below is a picture of the Great Traditions track used for the N. America Finals:


    Championship Event: Saturday, December 1, 2018
    Regional Events: Any shops, clubs or slot car organizations interested in holding a regional event contact Robert Holt by phone (908-397-7886) or e-mail ([email protected])

    The top 4 finishers in each GTSLOTS 2018 Sideways Lamborghini Huracan regional event held across N. America not previously qualified are eligible to complete in Championship race. All drivers that qualify and plan on attending the “Championship Finals Event” should take note that the following rules will be utilized and enforced. Modifications to these rules for “Regional Events” such as the use of different tires or other specific parts and/or rules are permitted only with advance notification given by the race director for the event.

    Only the Sideways Lamborghini Huracan GT3 car models (example livery pictured below) are permitted. Kits must be complete with all parts that are supplied with the kit, excepting those changes permitted below. As they are introduced, newly released liveries will be reviewed for eligibility.

    Any Sideways Lamborghini Huracan GT3 part can be used with any exceptions noted below, see "CHASSIS" and "MOTOR" sections for examples. Any modifications or parts not specifically addressed in the series rules or are not listed in the approved cars/parts list are not legal and will not be permitted. If the rules stated on this page do not indicate a part or tuning method IS allowed, it is NOT allowed. Any modifications that are made and/or tuning techniques used are made at the racer’s own risk. Any variations to these rules must be approved in advance by GTSLOTS. All rules are subject to change.

    Bodies may not be modified, lightened, or cut in any way - including wheel wells, body posts, interiors, etc.
    EXCEPTIONS: Sharp edges and burrs may be trimmed or sanded slightly to permit clearance for the proper
    seating of the body onto the chassis and to allow for body float. All cars must start each race with all parts
    intact except for mirrors, wipers, and antennas. All cars must start with all wings and/or spoiler(s) in place as
    applicable if it came on the original model. Bodies and interiors can be custom painted, but all cars must have
    numbers and markings as is prototypical and look like race cars. Bodies must be attached by any and all screws
    locations provided by the factory, using free choice of screws and washers, where applicable. Shims are
    permitted to adjust chassis/body/spur gear/tire tweak and clearance. If body screws are run loose, tape must be
    placed over the screw holes in bottom of the chassis. All cars must use the complete and unmodified interior
    w/driver figure as supplied with the car, or the replacement Sideways lexan interior FOR THE SPECIFIC
    MODEL CAR BEING RACED. NO other manufacture’s interiors are allowed. All windows must remain
    transparent as is prototypical.

    NO TRACTION MAGNETS. Any compound Sideways Lamborghini Huracan stock and/or direct replacement
    chassis permitted. Any Sideways motor pod designed to fit the Lamborghini Huracan chassis allowed. Any
    Slot.IT angle-winder pod allowed. NOTE: at the Finals, the highest finishing racer using a Sideways pod and
    Sideways cluster gear will win a limited edition Sideways car.
    Motor pod must be attached by any and all screws locations provided by the factory, any manufacturer’s screws may be used, and shims are permitted to adjust chassis/pod tweak. Slight sanding of the edges of the chassis,
    including sharp edges, burrs, and interference points are permitted only to allow for the necessary clearance for
    the proper seating of the body on to the chassis and to allow for body float. Slight sanding of the edges of the
    pod to allow for float and clearance to the body, chassis, and motor. No more than .010” of material should
    be removed where applicable from chassis or pod. If a standard credit card can be passed in the gap between
    the body and the chassis, or between the pod and chassis, the sanding has exceeded tolerance and the car may
    fail inspection. Modifications to front or rear axle mounts is prohibited.

    Any 3/32” axles are permitted. Any Sideways bushings may be used on rear axle. Bushings may be glued in
    place and must be in their stock position. Front axle ride height adjusting set screws (upper and lower) may be
    used and adjusted as required. Axle shims and/or stoppers are allowed.
    Only Sideways 17.25 x 8.30 mm plastic, aluminum, or magnesium wheels utilizing stock Sideways front type
    tires are permitted on the front of the car. Only Sideways 17.30 by 10 mm aluminum or magnesium wheels are
    permitted on the rear of the car. Stock plastic wheels may be lightly sanded for the purposes of truing. Wheels
    may be painted. Glue may be used to repair loose or attach plastic wheels. Front tires may be both glued and
    trued; no chemicals can be added to the front tires. Sideways wheel inserts are required, can be secured by glue,
    and must be of the type intended for the Lamborghini Huracan.

    Approved rear tires:
    “Quick Slicks” #CB57, #CB58, or #CB59 silicon tires (Note: the minimum diameter of the rear wheel/tire
    combination may not be smaller than .790”). All rear tires to be supplied by race host (Regional) or GTSLOTS
    (Regional and Finals) on race day unless otherwise noted. Wheels and tires should fit within wheel wells when
    possible but may not exceed past the body at the wheel well arch by more than .020” (0.5mm) at any wheel. No
    chemicals may be used on the tires. Regional hosts can determine tires to be used for their regional race.
    (Note: “hand out” rear tire selection subject to change due to product availability.)

    Any anglewinder pinion gear is permitted. Any Sideways or Slot.IT anglewinder cluster gear is permitted.
    NOTE: at the Finals, the highest finishing racer using a Sideways pod and Sideways cluster gear will win a
    limited edition Sideways car.

    Any Sideways guide may be used with a minimum amount of removal of sharp edges and burrs to allow for
    proper operation. Shims will be permitted to locate the guide at the proper depth in the track slot.
    Any manufactures’ braid and lead wire may be used and must be attached to the guide blade through the use of
    any manufactures’ eyelets or the M2 grub screw method. (Note: the lead wires may be soldered directly to the
    eyelets only and may not be glued or soldered to the braid).

    In order to foster competition and create parity between the different models of Slot.IT Group C cars, the following
    approved modifications are being permitted on a car by car basis (Note: all modifications should be made in a clean
    and professional manner and not deter from the proper “look” of the car). Any such modifications are made at the
    racer’s own risk:

    General (all cars):
    - Motor Pods:
    - Sideways GT3 Pod – An issue has been identified with the rear motor mounting
    screw interfering with the rear axle bearing mount on installation and removal of the motor
    from the pod resulting in the bearing mount breaking. The pod may be modified by the
    creation of a clearance “notch” in the area of the rear axle bearing mount to allow for the easy
    access and removal of the affected screw using a half-round file, a dental burr, and/or
    equivalent tools. It should be noted that the modification should be done carefully, cleanly so
    as not to create a breakage point, and only with the removal of minimal material so as to not
    weaken the bearing mount. The axle bushing should be glued in place so as to strengthen the
    area of the modification. The Sideways M2 x 3mm “Motor Fixing Screw” #SWMS/06
    provided with the car should be retained and used at the rear motor mounting location as it is
    shorter than most motor mounting screws and will be easier to use at this location. A “ballend”
    hex (allen) wrench will also assist with easier access to the installation/removal of the
    screw. It is also permitted to slightly open the motor screw locations to aid in the installation
    of the motor screws. See pictures below:

    No additional modifications required at this time.

    Regional Events:
    Motors provided by the race host or racers themselves (SCC “Jaws” long can (FK-180) – rated 17.5k @12volts)
    using the appropriate pinion gear. It is suggested that the motors of the top 5 finishers be tested at the
    conclusion of the event to confirm legality with the results (if tested) provided to GTSLOTS along with the
    event race results. (NOTE: Contact GTSLOTS technical contacts shown below for additional information on
    the testing of motors.)
    Only the provided handout (SCC “Jaws” long can (FK-180) – rated 17.5k @12volts) motor is legal for the
    Finals event and will be supplied by GTSLOTS. Motors will be pre-tested and marked with an ID code; racers
    will provide their own anglewinder pinion gears and will be responsible for the proper soldering of the lead
    wires to the motor tabs without overheating the tabs and causing damage to the motor. No chemicals (example:
    Voo Doo drops, etc.) shall be added to the motors. For the sole purpose to hold the motor in place, motors may
    ONLY be attached in place in the motor pod or chassis by using any manufacturer motor retaining screws.
    Racers would receive their handout motor at a predetermined time at the event, have the opportunity to
    test/practice with the handout motor before the start of competition, the option to purchase a replacement motor
    prior to the start of competition, and keep the motor(s) at the conclusion of the event.

    Weight may be added to the inside of the chassis if desired and must be either lead or Slot.IT tungsten ballast.
    Added weight may not be utilized to alter or limit the function or movement of the front or rear axle assemblies.
    NO weight may be attached to the underside of the chassis.

    LIGHTING (Optional):
    Not required.

    Suggested 12 volts (Note: track power will be set at 12 volts for the N. America finals and the GTSLOTS
    regional races)

    RACE PROCEDURES: (as to be used at the N. America finals and GTSLOTS regional events):
    - All participating race cars will be inspected to ensure rule compliance. A few test laps (the number to be
    determined by the race organizer) will be allowed prior to the final inspection.
    - It is the responsibility of each participant to make sure that the front spoiler, chassis, and spur gear of their car
    has sufficient clearance to the track and pickup rail surface so as not to rub under race conditions and will be
    inspected for such clearance.
    - Loose parts, wheel inserts, etc. may be attached and/or repaired using any type of available glue.
    - Cars will be impounded after the inspection process and drivers cannot touch their cars unless done under
    “green flag” race conditions under the observation of a race official.
    - Any controller is permitted, provided that the controller does not store an electrical charge.
    - The race director for the event (the race organizer holding the event) will have the final determination if any
    questions or conflicts arise.
    - Drivers and/or their authorized representatives may repair broken or damaged cars (IE: damaged braids,
    broken wires, loose gears and/or wheels, lose or missing screws, etc.) during “green flag” conditions, only
    under the view of a race official assigned by the race director, repairs must be properly performed to meet all
    posted rules, and parts may not be torn or broken off the car where screws are used to retain the parts (IE: the
    front spoiler, etc.) to perform the repair.

    - For any clarification of the race procedures being used at the National Championship Finals please contact:
    Robert Holt by phone (908-397-7886) or e-mail ([email protected])
    Bob Kuss by phone (610-996-0595) or e-mail ([email protected])
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    2018 Sideways Lamborghini Huracan Philadelphia Regional Race

    On Saturday, 11/10/18 there will be a Sideways Lamborghini Huracan Philadelphia Regional Championship race at Great Traditions (GTSLOTS), 831 Byberry Road, Philadelphia, PA. Track opens 10 am for practice, tech inspection at noon, racing to start after conclusion of tech inspection.

    Rules in post #1 of this thread will be followed, except drivers will supply their own Quick Slicks tires, which must conform to the rules.

    Any related questions, or need for additional information, please post here.



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      Rules update!

      Updates to the Sideways Lamborghini Huracan rules:

      1. Usage of any Slot.IT anglewinder pod is allowed.
      2. Usage of any Slot.IT anglewinder cluster gear is allowed.
      3. Description of allowed modification to Sideways pod to facilitate access motor mount screw.

      In the Finals, the highest finishing racer who uses a Sideways pod AND Sideways anglewinder cluster gears will be awarded a limited edition Sideways car.

      Rules in post #1 of this thread have been updated, changes are in red.
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        On Saturday November, 3 2018 there will be Scalextric BTCC and Sideways Lamborghini regional races at:Pinion Twisters, Riverside, NJ.

        Rules: For Lamborghini regional, Finals rules apply (see post #1), except you can use Quick Slicks or Super Tires. For Scalextric BTCC, Finals rules apply, Quick Slicks only. For both races, drivers supply motors and tires.

        Track opens at 10:00am tech starts at 12:00pm race starts 1:15pm. 5 minute heats per race. Fee $5 per race.

        Any questions, please contact:
        Don J (856-264-5872

        Pinion Twisters
        243 So. Pavilion Ave. Riverside N. J. 08075.
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          Race results

          GTSLOTS 2018 Sideways Lamborghini Huracan N. America Finals Results

          1. Robert Holt.....345
          2. Martin Dixon....344
          3. Mike Marciano...342
          4. Bob Kuss........339
          5. Hugh Hampton....337
          6. Ariel Hernandez.333
          7. Craig W.........332
          8. Reggie W........331
          9. Damone S........328
          10. Arron Moore.....305
          11. John Kutger.....295

          Click link below for spreadsheet with full results, lap times, car setup info, and more:

          Working on posting pictures...
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            Any chance a spec sheet is coming as well?


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              Added spreadsheet with full results, lap times, car setup info, and more to post #5.


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                Originally posted by NJSLOT1_32 View Post
                Added spreadsheet with full results, lap times, car setup info, and more to post #5.
                Thanks for the info Robert. I'm surprised to see everyone running a stock pod.


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                  Originally posted by cj74 View Post
                  Thanks for the info Robert. I'm surprised to see everyone running a stock pod.
                  A couple reasons I can think of:

                  1. At least in my testing, the Slot.IT pod didn't give me any appreciable improvement in lap times, the stock pod was fine. Others may have different results, on different tracks, etc. Some ran the pod in regionals and I didn't see a clear cut advantage there either. I think a few folks also felt the stock Lambo GT pod was similar to the Sideways Group 5 pod, which was not the case.

                  2. As an incentive to use the Sideways pod, GTSLOTS offered a prize incentive for the highest finishing car that used the Sideways pod and spur gear, so that may have persuaded some to stick with these parts.


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                    Thanks for the feedback Robert!

                    I definitely think this pod is a solid performer.

                    I figured that incentive would get a few people to convert, just didn't think it would be everyone.