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    Just a heads up -

    I now have three Carney Plastics Inc., clear wall mounted, storage cases.
    I've bought three of them somewhat apart, time wise.
    While the first two are "a very little bit" different, it's difficult to tell.

    The "heads up" part...
    I just bought another (third) 1/32, Slot Car Display case.
    Be SURE to verify with them on the door style..! My first two cases have normal barn "doors". That swing from the outer edges.
    This current case, the single , large door...swings either from the "bottom up"...or...from the "top down"..!
    I cannot use this style door (space wise), and some of you may not be able to either.
    While their cases are generally done very nicely, THIS one's door setup is NOT a good one. I'll be calling on Monday to see what we can do about it.

    Anyway, again, just a heads up, to verify the door style before you buy.