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SCI broken in server Update, also taking down our Retail Store.

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  • SCI broken in server Update, also taking down our Retail Store.

    We are trying to resolve issues with our Hosting Company. They switched servers and have corrupted
    the database on both SCI and more damaging to ScaleRacing LLC our Retail Store which has been offline since Monday.
    Hopefully they can resolve these issues very soon as the damage to is costing us Business every day.

    You can get on to SCI with Firefox, but there are still errors. IE Edge and Chrome do not work. Not sure about Apple browsers.

    At you can now finally view the Site again but cannot place orders. Anyone wishing to order please copy and paste into an email and we can process from there by hand.
    Email to [email protected] as the other email addresses are linked ot the Server which is corrupted.

    Hopefully we will have some good news soon.
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Alan, very sorry to hear you're having these problems especially as it's having a negative impact on your business. Hoping the company hosting your services gets it straightened out ASAP!
    Unfortunately, the problem is affecting Safari too.
    All the best!


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      I've been speechless!

      Which some folks might think is a good thing.

      But this is actually the first time in five days I've been able to reply to a thread, or do anything else on SCI basically. I'm using Firefox and Windows 7 to do this.

      But I wasn't able to even view SCI whether using this laptop or my PC (using Chrome or Firefox, believe me I tried) or my Android phone or my wife's iPad. (Apologies to those who have sent me PMs as I haven't been able to reply to them either.)

      Like everybody else here, I hope they're able to get all of these things sorted soonest.


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        saw both down yesterday

        told them earlier at mom scaly forum to call orders in
        hope thats ok too


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          The web hosts finally determined after DAYS of telling us we need to hire a web developer and fix our code that THEY had not set the database to the correct mode. What a difference a config change makes.

          And, Bob's your uncle. Or whatever.


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            Welcome Back!

            I'm glad that this has been resolved. I was able to get on right along with IE 9, but not with Chrome or Edge. Yesterday I tried using my tablet and I was able to get to the opening page, but no further.


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              I am glad to see this back up...

              Sorry to hear that the outage is costing you sales, but I am glad to see the site is back up...



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                This reply is in Chrome. If you get the database error message try a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5) to clean out the cache
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                  I get this every time i open a thread. Then i have to hit refresh. it may be because im not logged in.

                  Database error The database has encountered a problem. Please try the following:
                  • Load the page again by clicking the Refresh button in your web browser.
                  • Open the home page, then try to open another page.
                  • Click the Back button to try another link.

                  The forum technical staff have been notified of the error, though you may contact them if the problem persists.
                  We apologise for any inconvenience.

                  when i click on a thread, this address comes up:
                  then i hit refresh and this address comes up for that same thread:

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                    slowly getting some of the mess cleaned up.

                    Latest Update October 30th.

                    Due to an update at the Hosting Company our Store Site and have been down since Monday Oct 22nd.
                    If you want to place an order with us please call in the order or email to [email protected]. If you have placed an order that is not visible in your order history please contact us, as orders since October 22nd have not processed through our Database.

                    We were not hacked, the Hosting Company took us down during their move, they corrupted the Database and we are working hard to get this resolved.

                    Call 1-253-255-1807, please do not leave a message, if i do not answer during regular Business hours it is because I am on another line.

                    No data was accessed this was/is an error created by our Hosting Company.
                    Alan Smith
                    SCI Owner.



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                      Store Site up SCI running without Cloudflare right now.

                      Thankfully the Site and Site are running now.
                      Anyone seeing errors please let me know directly.

                      SCI is running but is having log in issues worse than before plus data base errors come up we are going to work on this but need to first get the Store Site working correctly so we have income to finance further work on SCI.

                      Please let me know any errors directly not here as it is difficult to go back and forth. Email me is the best way ideally with exact error shown but printing the screen and saving as a pdf file.

                      That will give us clues as to what still needs looking at.
                      Please also let us know what browser you experience the errors with.

                      Thank you.
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                      Alan Smith
                      SCI Owner.