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2019 24 Hours of Daytona

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  • 2019 24 Hours of Daytona

    2019 24 HOURS OF DAYTONA

    The start of the 2019 race begins today with the running of the 2019 24 hours of Daytona .
    Coverage starts on NBCSN with a 1 hour IMSA preview show at 10:00 AM Pacific time and
    the race coverage starting at 11:00 .

    It was different hearing the Joest name together with Mazda but one knew it wouldn't take
    Reinhold long to get the Mazda's to the front . Taking pole for their first time in the top class
    and setting the track record held by the Toyota Eagle lll from back in the 80's , followed by 2
    Penske Acura's then the second Mazda . Probably a combination of Reinhold magic and rule
    changes with the first Cady only managing 5th .


    PT - 15 Cars

    GTLM - 9 Cars

    GTD - 23 Cars

    Enjoy !
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    going take weeks to get all the mud and water out of those cars after that race.


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      It is a shame that the last 9-10 hours of the race was mostly under the red or yellow flag. Several teams that were up front had the bad luck of doing a pit stop just before just before that final red flag was thrown.


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        Watching from 'DownUnder'

        The race starts at 0635 Sunday morning here in Sydney. So, log on to IMSA TV @ 0620 to get things set-up. Problem 1 - IMSA TV has crashed..... So, try to get commentary at least from Radio Le Mans website. Works sort of, but is out of sinc with IMSA Scoring (we're talking multiple computers here...)....

        Give up after a while and watch recording of Formula E race from Santiago. Hint - when you watch it back in FF mode, it looks pretty real.....

        After that - try IMSA TV again - success !! Now settle down to spend most of a very hot Sunday ( 37C outside ) watching what's going on in Florida by about lunchtime here in Sydney it's dark in Daytona..... And on and on till about 11pm Sunday night - it's beginning to rain both in Daytona and in Sydney

        Get up at 5.15 Monday morning (Australia Day public holiday...) to watch the last hour or so, and it's Red Flagged?? What the..... ?

        Still - what I saw was pretty epic - some of Alonso's passing was of another level, the Mazda's must be cursed, Penske must be wondering what they have to do to win, LMP2 is a bit of a waste of time, GTLM and GTD were great fun.....

        And we get to do it all again this weekend with the Bathurst 12hr -

        Cheers, Tony.