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Finally it might be a Happy New Year for SCI, update starting tomorrow.

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  • Finally it might be a Happy New Year for SCI, update starting tomorrow.

    While I know SCI has been very difficult to work with and on for a long time the latest issues seem to have been overcome.

    After stating in was SCI and that were the problem and not the Server our Hosting Company finally admited they had problems.

    It seems bad sectors on our dedicated Servers hard drive were at least a huge part of the issues we faced.

    I will never recover the lost sales on the Store or the 100 hours spent by Monte and myself and few others to try to resolve these issues.

    We are now trying to rebuild the front page but SCI can be reached and fingers crossed seems stable for the first time in many months.

    Sunlight in my day after a lot of black and bleak days for my Company and family.

    Hoping this continues and we can move forward with SCI and my Store.

    Thank you all who have supported this Site and my Company during these trying times.

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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Thank you Alan & company..

    Thank you for the time and effort you put into this place!



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      Your efforts are most definitely appreciated. Aside from coming in the back door through the facebook link [which is no big deal], the site seems to be running a lot better than it has in a long time. I am staying logged in and able to post without a lot of problems.


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        A long weekend struggle but a little more seems to be working again.

        We have been able to recover the Front Page of SCI for now.

        Not sure if this will be a solid fix, but worked all weekend with Hosting Company to get where we are now.

        Hoping we are stable enough now to go ahead with the VBulletin update.

        More soon I am sure.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          may the force be with you Allen


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            132Slotcar sent this email out today:

            Our Order system will be going down today for a move to a new Server.

            We will switch off ordering until the Site is updated.

            This will get the Store order system working correctly again, which has not been the case the last 3 months.

            This was due to a take over at our Hosting Company, and after trying for the last months to resolve issues with them we have desided to move to a new better solution.

            No data was compramised during this problem. The transfer to new Servers damaged data tables which the Company has been unable to recover correctly.

            We appoligise for delays to order since October and through this transition to a better Server.

            The transfer and ongoing work will speed up the Site and ordering. Also you will again see order confirmation emails and be able to change your password if so desired.

            Any questions or concerns call me anytime day or night at 1-253-255-1807 or email [email protected].


            Alan Smith

            You can also check Store information and updates at


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              Reaching out to Vbulletin again today

              I spoke at lenght with Vbulletin yesterday about the update ordered and paid for last November.
              They are checking into this and I will report back on that as soon as possible.

              I am also daily trying to get the Hosting Company to stablize the Site.

              We are now on new hard drives and they are looking into the database error issues.

              Once I have a Site I can move I will look for another Hosting Company as this has gone on too long.

              More news as soon hopefully some good news.
              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                Working with Vbulletin update Team

                Spoke with Vbulletin yesterday and supplied them with some of the data base and log in issues. Plus gave them server error reports.
                They are going to look at this information before updating the software for SCI.

                Hopefully more news soon.
                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.



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                  Maybe some more progress

                  Hosting Company say they have found a reason for the data base errors. Checking to see if posts are any easier to do.
                  Vbulletin should also start to update the Forum now we should have a stable Server again.

                  Let's see how that goes.

                  The good news is my Store is moved to a different Hosting Company and we are seeing new orders coming in.

                  Especially for the Magnet Marshal 2. See here.

                  Alan Smith
                  SCI Owner.



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                    Asked for log in again but did remember the info.

                    Lets see what happens this time.

                    Well made me log in again but then post showed
                    Alan Smith
                    SCI Owner.



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                      Logged in from my Android phone no problem.

                      Switching between threads just fine.


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                        Logged in on my Mac using Firefox with no problems.
                        Site remembered me, switched between forums and threads with no errors. Looks good.
                        Hang in there Alan, there's light at the end of this long, frustrating tunnel.


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                          I had no problem just now and the sight recognized me also.

                          Alan, I hope that your luck is finally going in the right direction.
                          You have had to deal with a lot of unwarranted problems lately and an upswing is over due.


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                            Everything seems fast and functional for me. I am really hoping this is the turning point for you Alan. Fingers crossed while I am typing this.



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                              For me on a Windows computer, it's working perfectly with both Firefox and Chrome.

                              Alan, I'm amazed you haven't torn your hair out by now with the problems and frustrations this has all been causing you. Thanks for seeing it through, instead of running away, screaming ...