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Finally it might be a Happy New Year for SCI, update starting tomorrow.

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    Back to many logins

    I am using FF latest update, on latest Windows version and updates on home PC.

    Seems to have reverted in some ways

    Still have to log in each visit, usually twice to begin, then again every time I go to a new thread, and whenever I want to post, I cut and paste as I often take two or three attempts to get the post done.
    No database errors for 3 or 4 days.


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      Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
      That's still happening, since lunchtime today? What OS & Browser, please?
      Using Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98. Still getting re-log in issues.


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        My old desktop with Vista and Chrome is in the shop, so I am using my laptop with Windows 10 and Edge. No problems with logging off today.


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          Still fighting Server issues, and problems with update.

          We are not there yet not by a long shot.
          But some improvements.

          Now trying to get the Vbulletin software updated. Their tech and Leaseweb are battling it out now to see who actually wants to fix something. Me stuck in the middle.

          This is not fun, but we will get there.
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            Update starting tomorrow

            OK finally a green light from Vbulletin tech support. They are now able to access files required to update the software.

            This will remove any plug ins done over the years so expect things to change.

            This is not something I am taking lightly but I have no other choice, I have asked multiple times for help but not been able to get what was required to get SCI working correctly. So the update is the first step forward.

            The hosting Company blame the Software and is outdated now. The Site has run amazingly well for many years now comes time for overhaul.

            Lets see what changes. Then I will rebuild the Site, and welcome help from those who know Vbulletin if they are out there.

            Here goes.
            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.



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              If log in issues continue after update I will move to new Hosting.

              This is the last step to try to recover SCI on the current Server with

              If this does not fix log in issues I will start the process of moving everything to a new Hosting Company.

              Time will tell.
              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                Keeping my fingers crossed for you Alan



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                  That Leaseweb Global Hosted Infrastructure company have a nice website.

                  Will be good to see what they can achieve, here.


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                    Yeah sure!!!

                    I like their 99.99999% up time quote.

                    They have been difficult to say the least.

                    Till now all of the latest SCI issues have been created since Leaseweb took over from Servint.

                    The last months have been a nightmare with both SCI and my Retail Store.

                    Finally getting closer to normal with the Store now, still rebuilding orders lost in a data crash but on the new Hosting Company Servers secure, stable and most feature now working properly again.

                    Now to see what happens with SCI.
                    Alan Smith
                    SCI Owner.



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                      I appreciate the effort. TY


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                        Thank you Alan, You the Man.


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                          Lets wait and see what happens first

                          Concerned as to what the Forum will look like on the new Software, guess we will find out soon enough.
                          Alan Smith
                          SCI Owner.



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                            I did a quick Google search and found the below, albeit from 2016. Would it not make sense to go to a Cloud based version? I assume the hosting fee would include upgrades, although you would loose some of the customization options, the software will be constantly updated, you would not need a separate host and I assume they will provide an uptime guarantee?

                            This might be what you are looking at, either way, good luck.

                            You can upgrade straight from 3.7.0 to either:
                            Those are the current versions of each branch. You would need to upgrade your license though - $149 if you want to use vB3 or vB4, $249 for vB5.

                            Alternatively, as you suggest, you can move it to cloud but we would need to upgrade your forum to 5.2.3, as vB5 is the only version running on cloud.

                            Note that upgrades to either vB4 or vB5 will result in the loss of ALL custom styles and add-ons, as these are not compatible.
                            Note also that on Cloud you cannot import custom styles, though you can create your own. You also do not have access to plugins / products or templates on cloud, though you can add custom css


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                              I looked at the Cloud option a long time ago.

                              Thanks for your efforts here F1fan I deeply appreciate that.

                              I had looked at the Cloud based version earlier, before this Hosting /Software disaster I am dealing with now.

                              Right or wrong I was put off by no plug ins and little customization as I would like to keep the current feel of SCI.

                              I was told also no Galleries etc would be possible.
                              I have paid ( last November ) for Vbulletin tech to upgrade to the latest version of the software. I updated the licenses and paid extra for Tech Support to help with their paid pro move service.

                              To date the upgrade has not been done, not sure why but I will be again chasing both Vbulletin and Leaseweb. Not sure who will blame the other that it has not yet happened.

                              If you feel I am making the wrong choice I would love to discuss with you or anyone else interested what they feel I should do.

                              Anyone with good ideas how to move forward please contact me off the Forum.

                              I am happy to take this to the Cloud version. I just want to get SCI back stable and up to date. But preferably with later ability to Customize.

                              [email protected] is the best way or I can call anyone with an interest to help

                              Thank you all.
                              Last edited by Scaleracing; 02-25-2019, 08:57 AM.
                              Alan Smith
                              SCI Owner.



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                                VBulletin is a new look for sure. Hopefully good progress is happening. Thanks for your efforts Alan!