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  • NSR News January

    NSR News January

    Ford P68 Prototype pics
    British Limited Edition P68
    Updated Ford MK IV
    Upcoming Release Dates

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    Nice. Noviello is THE MAN!


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      pairs of competitors !

      Mr. Noviello ? hey , we need a period correct runnin` mate for all three of your great early cars . as of now there is not a runnin` mate for any of your great cars . racer does almost every ferrari that ever raced but , the gt40mkIV , (412?) has no mate . the gorgous 917 also , (512M) has no runnin` mate . i`d wager you don`t have a plan for a car to duel the P68 (908/910). also , considering your modern racer , the mosler , (saleen) also , has no current bodied runnin` mate . want to sell two cars . pair them up , sir !

      humbley , jer

      i currently own none of your great cars due to this error .


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        how much money (us) is 59 euro`s ?

        tia , jer


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          Dear Sir
          it is really curious for me to read your request :-))
          I like to race race race and race..., so i'm not able to imagine that i have to race with 2 cars of same year. it could be a dream for me :-)) and i explain better the reasons :-))

          I fully respect your comment and I like it, but probably you don't know that we made NSR cars in Italy, into our factory; we start asking for license, then we project car, then we pay to receive steel molds (made in italy, very expensive), then we make in our factory everything: from production of plastic pieces (yes, i bought press machine to make MYSELF plastic pieces) to hand-paint helmet, glove, belts, to assemble mechanical parts carefully as race-car, end package... we make everything ourself.
          Only paint and tampo are made out of factory, but still in Italy.

          We need approx 9 months to make 1 car only, just same time to make a child :-))
          We don't produce in china (very fast and cheap but i'm not interested in this work) our products, we are small artisan company; we are now 10 guys (from 18 to 30years old) loving our work :-)
          For this reason it is really impossible to make a pair of cars at same time.
          I could have 4 hands, 2 heads, 4 eyes ahhahahahaah I would be happy to make this but it is not possible in this first life ahahhaha

          Thanks and best regards


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            You guys are turning out some amazing cars, congratulations on another masterpiece!


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              Love your cars! Keep up the great work!

              Now, off to figure out how to get a British P68.....



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                Will the Ford P68 Limited Edition be released in the United States


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                  Wow , a very personal response . i hear you . i do appreciate your labour . full of passion as i would expect . i will patiently wait for a pair . though i must admit the "new" GT40 has my interest peeked ! the front is now more correct , at least to my eye . and the added rear valance detail is much appreciated . hhhmmm , a black , gold striped , #1 . hhhmmm. . . . . . . .

                  still surprised to get a personal reply , jer


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                    White kit 917s!

                    Oh no! Now I can build up a set of '70 Le Mans #20, 21, 22? Awesome!


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                      Thanks to everybody for these messages :-)
                      I'm happy your appreciate our patient work.

                      NSR emploiers team is made by young guys and girls loving their work; only for this reason they can work fine for 8-9 hours/day keeping same smile from 8 to 18 everyday :-)

                      about P68: yes, "british" version is thinked to english fans, but we will sell it around the world in limited quantity at normal price 75,00eur, as all classic cars.

                      best regards


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                        Keep up the good work!

                        Thanks for visiting, eh?


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                          Very good news!

                          As a big fan of the Ford P68 I must thank you NSR guys for this lovely release! Last year was lost for me in the "slot department", but I'll try to make it up for it in 2010 and my first buy will very probably be one of the P68s you are about to release. Outstanding work, people!

                          As a side-note, I must say that I deeply admire those who produce based on their passion and determination, so you've certainly got my respect. Just be careful and watch-out for the market situation so as not to fold under the pressures that made Fly a victim.



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                            Can you explain what exactly is lowered on the EVO 2 cars? Are the standard edition or the EVO 2 cars preferred for racing on NINCO slot car track?

                            Best regards,


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                              Stunning, simply strunning! Especially that red P68!