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    The controller, pictured above (on page 4 of this thread) is a Cobra. It can be had from an Italian webside The Cobra has brake, sensitivity, traction control, and other functions. It is made on request and the price reflects this. About 290 euro

    Another Italian controller is the Stealth, not related to the North American controller Stealth. It has very similiar functions, price, etc. It can be had from

    I would like to try the Cobra but I am unwilling to purchase one without trying it first. And I do not know anyone who has a Cobra. I have tried the Stealth and I want one, but it is expensive.
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      thanks for the info on the cobra controller. i'll have to check it out.


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        If Mike is checking it out, that means I have to --too!!!



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          Steve - and everybody - it is worth noting that this Thread has an open Poll attached to it, so it can easily bounce back to the top of the 'New Posts' whenever some random troglodyte out there on the interweb decides to punch the button, even if nothing new has been contributed in a couple of years.

          It's an excellent Thread though, like many of the dear departed Dr Vanski's, so worthy of frequent resurrection. Just like Dr Vanski, though alas he seems to have foregone slot cars for mountain biking these days, the healthy fool.


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            Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
            ...he seems to have foregone slot cars for mountain biking these days, the healthy fool.
            Not all mtn biking is healthy:

            Didn't end well, but I do manage to balance it with my slotting.



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              To address what Wet said, it is an excellent thread regardless of its age, and valuable to those of us who are only just getting into the hobby again this year after decades away. Especially when we have friends who are too, who are wondering what's what, with all the choices to choose from. .


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                Very nice battle.