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Racer Nurnberg International Toy Fair 2011

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  • Racer Nurnberg International Toy Fair 2011

    Racer Nurnberg International Toy Fair 2011

    250 GTOs galore

    Chaparral 2G (prototype)

    Toyota 2000GT

    Car Transporter

    And of course more in the Racer Nurnberg International International Toy Fair 2011 Gallery

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    That's a Chaparral 2G, not a 2E.

    Logic would dictate that we'll see an affordable 2G from slot it in 2012

    Any idea if the 250's are being sold at the high price point of the resin models, or a more affordable price like the sideways cars (and the Toyota 2000GTs if I've been told correctly)?
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      Thanks you for the correction on the Chaparral. That was my mistake.

      We'll have to wait for answers from Alan to your questions.


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        250 GTO's

        Love those wire wheels. To echo Spa67's question, are the 250 GTO's in the 'Racer', 'SILVER LINE' or 'sideways' family? They look ready for production, any word on availability?

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          I sure hope they dusted off the 1/32 scale ruler when they made these 250 GTO's! From what I've been told, the Racer/Slot.It Sideways DP's are more 1/32 than 1/27, or whatever the big Racers are. If they are too big, I'll take a pass. If not, I may be in for the buy. They definitely look good.


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            Was kinda hoping for some new DP liveries. (Brumos, anyone?) Not a hard one to repro with paint and decals, but all the same....

            And non-Carrera Ferrari's? Good.


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              I'm not a fan of the DPs, but I'd think that with so many liveries those bodies would be ideal candidates for the plain white treatment.

              ...still would love to hear more about the GTOs and 2000GTs. Close to 1/32? How much?


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                News from Racer/Sideways.

                I am sitting with Marco from Racer, so lets ask the GTO and Toyota 2000 1/32 scale?, well they are close.
                The Toyota is in-line so should compare with other 1/32 scale models.
                The GTO was designed as a Racer model so sidewinder which pushes the width out a little but scale appearing yes!!
                This is a silver line model so pricing will be lower than the top of the line Racer versions. Designed more for racing!!

                The Sideways cars are designed to be 1/32 scale. The McDonald's Doran Dellara is due for release very soon. The Pacific AIM Riley will follow soon after that.

                More 2011 liveries to follow later in the year.

                A plain white Dallera is planned for later.

                Regarding availability on the 250 GTO Silverline cars, they are expected in the Spring.

                Pricing on the Silverline GTO's should be around 130.00 Euro landed price depends on the exchange rate of the day.
                The Toyota Silverline should be around 100.00 Euro.

                So now Marco has to get on, but I will ask, the Transporter when and pricing?

                The answer on availability is the fall and pricing has not been calculated yet.

                Thank you Marco.
                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.



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                  100 and 130euro is still an awful lot.

                  I just don't see how the GTO could be close to scale as a sidewinder. I'm looking forward to seeing them in person.


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                    I can't see sideways doing the Brumos car, it's a different shape. I gots me a silverline Toyota and they're great, really stable and quite quick. I'd want to see the 250gto in the flesh prior to spending all my money as I must be honest I think the Fly one is nicer, at least based on the images i've seen.

                    I love the transporter, imagine the box it'll come in!


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                      Thank you Alan, for the information... am looking forward to one of each, and, sets if i can afford.. a plain White Dallara, will be great, for independent color/decal schemes.! 250 GTO with sidewinder? yep, i can handle those!! Thanks again, for all your effort/correspondence on SCI.. Ashely will be busy with pre-orders, once you get home!! LOL.. aloha from Maui, Thom


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                        If not, I may be in for the buy. They definitely look good.

                        Are you thinking of joining us on the Racer over sized "Dark Side?" I agree, the GTOs are looking good... I'm liking the black one! The 512s is gonna be great... I maybe selling off some FLY Classics! Marco told me he intends to do the coupe and long-tail versions as well.




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                          The silver line models look very nice but I wish there was a better solution for the windows/window framing. That is one area were the mass produced styrene cars really shine, but it seems to be a problem area for resin cars.
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