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DMX Slot - new system with new lane changing concept

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  • DMX Slot - new system with new lane changing concept

    A brand new slot car racing concept, called DMX (Dynamic Motion Express) have recently seen the light of day.
    With a track system consisting of no less than 11 (eleven!) tightly spaced slots in the track surface it allows up
    to 15 (fifteen!) cars to compete simultaneously in a race.


    From wikipedia:
    In 2012, Hong Kong Chinese inventor Mak Wing Kwong introduced the "Dynamic Motion Express" slot car system. The DMX track has a series of parallel slots, allowing drivers to choose lanes on the inside, middle or outside of the raceway, passing or blocking other racers. DMXslot cars have a rotating mechanism underneath each car with four pins that retract and protrude as the driver commands the car to move left or right. The car disengages its pin with one lane’s slot, moves to one side or the other, and reinserts a pin in the new lane’s slot.
    DMX car and controller.

    DMX track sections with eleven parallel slots.

    Nuremberg Press Reelease:
    (Nuremberg, Germany) The most important design improvement in slot car racing’s 100-year history will be on display for the first time this week at the 2013 Nuremberg Toy Fair. From 30 January-04 February, Wing Dynasty Limited will be proudly demonstrating its new invention “Dynamic Motion Express” (DMXslots). DMXslots is a patented technology that allows slot cars to change lanes and pass at any time and at any place on the track.

    Wing Dynasty Limited managing director David Mak will be available to answer questions about the new slot car racing system at the company’s display located in Hall 7, Booth D-66A. “We’re excited because our radical step forward will create a whole new generation of slot car racing enthusiasts,” Mak says. He adds, “The new possibilities of DMXslots will also rekindle the competitive passions of long time slot car fans who, before, could only dream of such flexibility.”

    DMXslots is a revolutionary new concept for slot car racing. With DMXslots, car racers can pass, intercept and block their competitors, just like real professional auto racing. Old fashioned slot cars are limited by their one-pin and one-slot methodology. They can only switch lanes at pre-determined cross-over sections of the track. This technical limitation has held back the development of slot car racing for nearly 100 years. DMXslots employs a unique, patented rotating pin technology that allows cars to change lanes at any point on the track.

    “DMXslots’ cars and tracks are also equipped with a sophisticated system for changing speeds while racing” Mak explains. He says, “We have an infrared version for beginners that can support up to 4 cars at a time. For hobbyists, we have 2.4GHz RF version that can support up to 15 cars in each race“.

    DMX will be showing off its full range of cars, tracks and accessories at the 2013 Nuremberg Toy Fair. Accessories include a digital lap counter, motor and speed upgrades, pit-stops, decals, and various track modules to enhance and customize the racers’ experience. These products and a demonstration video can also be seen on the company’s website at

    Wing Dynasty Limited is a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2009 by David Mak, a longtime EMS and toy company executive and inventor.
    More videos can be found here:

    More information about the system can be found here:

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    Someone finally did it, eh? Cool. This is a concept that's been bandied about from time to time for years, the old "pull the pin up, change lanes, and drop it back down" thing.
    I don't know why, but for some reason I don't see all the MagRacing lovers piling onto this idea. I bet it would work with routed track, but the slot spacing will probably have to be precise, and you probably need fenced on both sides at all times so that cars don't go past the outermost slots.
    4 AAA batteries per car, though... man, that's brutal. I wonder if rechargeables are powerful enough to use.
    Looking at the controller, I don't get the impression that speed control is very precise, though. As much as the announcer touted it, I don't see long time slot racers getting into this until the control is more like what we're used to.


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      This might be worth picking up a car and see if the rotating pin system could be retrofitted into "normal" chassis, but then there's the controller conversion.... Hummmm.. Perfect for routed tracks as long as you don't mind 10 lanes.


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        yeah, but the 10 lanes wouldn't be as wide as 10 slot car lanes.
        One of the things I like about slot cars is not having to worry about batteries. These will have them in the car and the controller. At least the MagRacing guy designed it for rechargeable batteries, though they are hard to get, AND he devised a clever way to replace them quickly during a race.
        But, at least this might shut up the people who complain about digital slots (or MagRacing) having only defined places to change lanes at.
        Still, I think this will be relegated to the kids toy that it's being sold as (and marketed as, given the look of the cars). There are too many drawbacks for hard core slot racers to give it much consideration, things taken for granted with slots, that simply aren't possible with this system (or MagRacing for that matter).


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          Looks pretty clever.

          I'd like to see them lose the low walls @ the edge of the track, and the striping.

          LOL! Now there can be blocking, "I had the corner", and "he didn't give me room" related arguments, just as in 1:1 racing!


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            An interesting concept to be sure. It requires the same skills as R/C racing in that you have to be able to do as well with cars coming towards you as going away. I can also see someone sitting in the middle lane the entire race, blocking the competition.

            Not sure the slot car world really needs another dedicated system when unification is what is actually needed, but time will tell.


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              Looks cool to me. Might be a great IROC system. And I appreciate the simplicity of the track construction. No more decisions on where to place lane changers or power requirements. I see some real pluses. Now, for the car collectors this is probably not a solution.


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                ...and the price is right. $170 for the starter set. But I'd like more details about pit stops, how long do the batteries last? Right now it is a very cool toy.


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                  Approximately the same idea from way back in time (Model Car Science magazine, November 1967):


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                    and approximately the same price for a basic set... $179 back in 1967 and $170 today...

                    while all these advances are great - digital, mag racing, dmx, you name it - and will no doubt bring more people to the hobby, i'm pretty much content with the simplicity of my analog wood track.


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                      Many years ago I got into RC Racing. But my interest was short lived as I didn't like the short running time and constant battery changing and charging. I think the battery aspect will keep me away from this format as well.

                      But if they someday combine a track rail power system and all this lane changing capability in a larger scale ... hmmmm!


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                        Originally posted by JohnnySlots View Post
                        But if they someday combine a track rail power system and all this lane changing capability in a larger scale ... hmmmm!
                        A track with an inductive charging surface would be pretty nice.


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                          Looks very cool.

                          I would like to know if the car has proportional throttle control and if you have to slow down on the corners? If the answer is yes to both questions, then I can see this product being successful.

                          Best regards,


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                            Originally posted by ElSecundo View Post
                            A track with an inductive charging surface would be pretty nice.
                            Or maybe something like this, speed charging every lap...



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                              Exactly, that's great. No more need for rails.

                              The only drawback with this is the need to charge something, ie, batteries or possibly capacitors. The hope is to get away from batteries