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Scaleracing Nationals Oct. 10-12, 2013

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  • Scaleracing Nationals Oct. 10-12, 2013

    The purpose of this thread is to express your interest in attending the Scaleracing Nationals at Racewear in Glen Burnie Maryland October 10-13, 2013. The prior mentioned scales and classes will be raced on those dates. If you have a question as to what will be raced refer to the other threads to get an idea.
    I in no way what to hear about or care about drama or dirty laundry in this thread. We are grown men playing with toy cars for Heaven's sake, lets keep that in perspective and not take ourselves too seriously.
    If you can or plan to attend at least one day then just simply post in this thread and say so. This will hopefully give Ricky and Alan a better idea of the potential turnout. Thus they can plan the event accordingly and give everyone a better idea of exactly what classes will be run on what day, and more importantly if they are even going to have the event.
    So, Gentlemen, please enter your intentions here to assist in the planning of this event.
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    ...and I will be the first to say I plan on attending at least one day depending what classes are run when.


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      I would have to agree with UW. I am going try and make it to at least one of those days. I just started getting back into the hobby so it is going to take me few to restock and practice. I have a few cars coming so it will all depend what class we are running.

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        I plan on attending on the Saturday, hopefully 1/24 Scale Auto and BRM will be raced that day.


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          Thank you all who want to make things happen.

          Ricky has been through a tough Summer as have many Retail Stores across this Great Land.

          I feel for the Hobby to survive, let alone grow and prosper we need Race Wear, and many more Stores committed to building a Track and Hosting Events.

          With regard to what will run and when, if we can get a good idea on who can make it out, especially the Local Clubs and Racing Groups then we can schedule around them to make it happen.

          We can certainly plan a full day on Saturday for the 1:24 scale BRM Group C, 917 and Megane Classes plus of course Scaleauto 1:24.

          Subject to who can make it, and what most want to run. We could do some 1:32 on Friday night, we could have Group C and LMP Open then. All of these would be Sprint Races.

          Sunday we could also have 1:32 or 1:24 and or Endurance races, what I need now it to hear who can come, which days, and Classes preferred.

          I know Ricky has a few New Racers who feel they are just not up to speed to do a National Final, while that is not true as all are welcome and all will learn from the Event ( Even me ) If we have enough new racers I can host a Novice Class, and no Robert Holt you cannot enter that!!!

          Seriously we need to support all Stores and Track that expose the Hobby to New Racers as without them the future is not so bright.

          So if I can hear from people real soon either direct 1-253-255-1807, or through Ricky, or on SCI here then we can still make this happen.

          A good time is promised to all, now can we do it, I say YES WE CAN!!!! Now I am listening.

          I can bring some cars for Racers who have not tried some of these Classes yet, plus I know a GREAT Store that sells them RACE WEAR!!!
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            I'm planning on making the trip last year was all that!


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              Lets all come together and put hard feelings behind. Alan is still wanting to host this race and we owe it to him for everything he has done in the past for the hobby and everyone here. He needs bo book a flight by Thursday so please respond. Rules will be very simple. The entry fee will be under $50.00 for the entire event. Please let us know if you can make it. The past is the past. Lets start fresh with no hard feelings. come out, have fun, support the hobby, and support Alan. See you at the track.



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                OK it's official I am booked in and coming.

                OK I am booked in, arrive Thursday for Test and Tune.

                Friday will be: Starting at 7.00PM.

                Group C

                LMP1:32 Open

                Both Classes will run Scaleauto sponge tires, must be clearing visible marking on sidewalls and no radius or modification to tire width SC-2007, SC-2008 and SC-2009's will be legal.

                Saturday, open at 9.00AM racing starting at 12.00 midday will be:

                BRM Group C

                BRM Megane

                BRM 917 IROC

                Scaleauto GT2/ GT3

                Plus Team Endurance race, mixed 2 hour, one hour BRM Group C and 1 hour Scaleauto GT2/GT3.

                Teams must run complete 1 hour segment with each type of car, each class must be completed before the other class is run. You can start either Scaleauto or BRM Group C first.

                More soon.

                Event fee will be $50.00 for the weekend inc Test and Tune on Thursday or $20.00 Friday night and $40.00 Saturday.

                Test and Tune free if you enter both days, or $5.00 ( or a six pack ) no Bud, Miller only Microbrews can be accepted.
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                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.



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                  Confirming the Race dates.

                  Racing will be Oct 11th and Oct 12th with practice on the Thursday for those who can make it, see the post above.

                  No racing on the Sunday, although of course the Store is open so anyone still wanting to run, I am sure Ricky will be happy to see you.

                  Not long now see you at the Races!!!
                  Alan Smith
                  SCI Owner.



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                    What time each day?


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                      Posted in Race Wear Forum, but updating here as well.

                      Thursday evening, and Fun Races if we get enough who want to run. Show up when you can, if not much going on Ricky and I will go eat

                      Friday evening 1:32 scale races starting at 7.00PM, open all day come when you can if you need practice.

                      Saturday open at 9.00AM, with Racing starting at 12.00 mid day.

                      Alan Smith
                      SCI Owner.



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                        Updated above.

                        I updated the above post, but Thursday show up when you can for test and tune, and fun races.

                        Friday racing starting at 7.00PM.

                        Saturday open at 9.00AM, racing starting at 12.00 Midday.

                        See you all there.

                        Alan Smith
                        SCI Owner.



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                          There is an echo!!!

                          See above, and above
                          Alan Smith
                          SCI Owner.



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                            So we can run our own clearly marked scaleauto tires in the 1/24 class on Saturday also?Are you doing handout motors y,n
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                              Tires and other rules.

                              Regarding tires, we will allow easily identified Scaleauto tires in the Classes requiring those tires be used. No re-profiled or trimmed tires allowed.
                              Motors, your own unopened motors allowed in all classes. Any motors showing signs of tampering will be disqualified.
                              Re race inspection will be visual, post race will be tear down.
                              Alan Smith
                              SCI Owner.