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The Alabama SnowBall Derby 2014

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    Classes for Snowball

    Spoke to Lawrence the other day. He is still working on the classes to run in the Snowball. There have been some issues getting his focus as he is still recovering from learning that The Tide won't be winning their 3rd title in a row. To top that off Saban could be leaving, therefore the end of all things crimson could be at hand. It was a little tough getting anything that made any sense out of him.

    Looks like we could be running--
    1/24 cars in Crimson colors only

    1/32 Nick cars - Anyone know what these are?

    HO LMP cars- short heats

    1/24 Texas Turds

    6 million dollar class winner takes Saban

    1/32 Future Title cars

    blah blah blah blah I gave up!

    Happy New Year!

    Later, Scott

    ps Updates may follow if I can figure it out.


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      Hi guys,

      Here are the classes we will be running:

      Friday January 17, 2014 - (1) 1:32 NSR Porsche Cup
      (2) 1:24 ScaleAuto GT (any make of car except Porsches)
      (3) 1:24 BRM Porsche 917 IROC Race (time permitting)

      Saturday January 18, 2014 - (1) 1:32 Slot.It Group C Porsche 956/962C/962 IMSA
      (2) 1:24 BRM Porsche 962C/962 IMSA (no Toyotas)
      (3) 1:24 ScaleAuto GT (any make of car)
      (4) 1:32 LMP Unlimited (time permitting)

      I want to start racing around 7:00pm CST on Friday and by 11:00am CST on Saturday. I have kept the number of different classes to a minimum to allow for additional time to be added to each race. The Georgia Gang and SCANC guys should know the rules fairly well by now. NSR Supergrip tires are mandated for use in the 1:32 NSR Porsche 911 Cup race and the 1:32 Slot.It Group C Porsche Challenge. ScaleAuto foam tires are mandated for use on the 1:24 BRM Porsche Challenge (ProComp 3's only SC-2426BRM) as well as 1:24 ScaleAuto GT (ProComp 1's SC-2121p, ProComp 2's SC-2621p and ProComp 3's SC-2421p).

      Standard rules as accepted by the Alabama/Georgia/North Carolina Mayhem Groups will be in effect. Wheel inserts must be present in all classes except for 1:32 LMP Unlimited. Rear wing rules will be enforced. If you need a full set of rules for each class, please email me at [email protected] .

      Hope to see a lot of you on January 17th and 18th, 2014 !!!!



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        Sorry to say, it looks like I'm going to miss another chance to race. I've got a bass tournament
        that same weekend! Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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          Nice line up, Lawrence.

          See you in a few weeks.


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            I have laughed my tail off over Scott's classes,. He initially wasn't going to post them, however, I was the one who said do it. Yes, losing the Iron Bowl hurt, but hey, it's not like it was the Indianapolis 500 !

            On a serious note, may I encourage everyone to keep Michael Schumacher in your prayers. Michael was simply one of the greatest racers of all time. He ruffled some feathers, made a couple of racing movesthat were questionable, however, he was a winner! Get well "Schumi" !!!!



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              So who's going to this so far?