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Scalextric Dodge Challenger and Mercury Cougar

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    Originally posted by marine-boy2 View Post
    Looks like a vintage photo of the Challenger with the orange front valance and minus the "Classic Wax Challenger" on the fender.

    It is prior to the Classic Wax decal, but it's not from Mid Ohio, the version Scalextric did.
    The image you found has the 77 on the hood.. that wasn't there at Mid Ohio.

    Top 5 finishers at Mid Ohio in 1970 were:

    First: Parnelli Jones

    Second: George Follmer

    Third: Mark Donahue

    Fourth: Maurice Carter (his highest finish in a TA race)

    and Sam finished 5th~


    Here's a couple pictures from the Mid Ohio race..

    notice the lack of the #77 on the hood and the placement of the Goodyear decal in the pictures above..

    and finally this picture is from the practice session for Mid Ohio prior to the race..

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      I had never seen the photos of the car with the Day-Glo Orange valance. Very cool!!

      Now, all we need is the Javelin from Pioneer and we'll be set!!!!


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        You know, it's kind of difficult to tell from the photos but the front wheels look to me to be a little rear of center in the wheel wells of the 1:1 car too. Maybe Scalextric got that right


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          Can anyone post a eye level side view picture of the front end of an unmodified Challenger and/or a Cougar.

          I would like to be able to see how much room there is between the top of the tire, and the wheel well.

          Thanks in advance to anyone who can do this for us.

          Gordo Bond 007


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            I would but I'm having a problem with the hard drive on my Mac. Loaded up some music over the holidays and unknowingly filled my HD to over 99% of capacity. Now the Finder is not functioning and I have no access to my files. I need someone with a laptop to come over so I can access my HD remotely and delete or transfer a bunch of stuff off.

            Now back to our regularly scheduled thread....


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              Originally posted by Gordo Bond 007 View Post

              I never hear British slot car guys complaining about Scaley's Minis, Cortinas,MGBs or whatever, because Scalextric gets them right! They grew up loving these cars from their past and therefore they get the look and the stance exactly right, because they "get" those cars.
              If you check on SF, you'll see they are quite picky about pretty much all models, including MG's and other British ones.

              Originally posted by turbokev View Post
              Franco.. that valance is its own part, not part of the chassis.. It's really easy to take it off and change the red to silver / aluminium.

              The hard part is removing the Goodyear decal on the front fender above the wheel that is burried under gloss if you want to add the
              Classic Wax Challenger decal there. Took some time to scrape away just that spot without damaging the green underneath.
              Good to know about the valence and your knowledge and collection are also quite impressive!

              Originally posted by ElSecundo View Post
              Hah, my sister had a red Cougar with the black vinyl top. We lived in Rochester and traveled to Montreal frequently, but I don't think we got that car in Montreal. Any idea if your uncle sold it south of the border?
              I do not know for sure what he did with it, but pretty sure it was not south of the border. My guess is he did what my father and his brothers would typically, and that was to trade it in at the local dealer. And something that was more common back in the day than today, after a few years they had the cars repainted, usually once for sure, sometimes a second time before they sold them. One uncle his cougar was originally all white, he repainted it an olive green color and got the vinyl roof. The other was all red and when he had it repainted, kept it red but also had the vinyl put on...that was so cool back in the day!