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NCSRA 2014 Season Starts Today!

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  • NCSRA 2014 Season Starts Today!

    The Northern California Scale Racing Association opens its 2014 Racing Season Today at the wonderful BoopieJones Motorsports Park in Danville.

    NCSRA races two Classes at each event --and this Winter, our two Classes are FIA Group 5 and FIA Late 60's Sports & Prototypes.

    Group 5 will be the first of our events to allow the new Racer/Sideways cars and, of course, heralds back to the Turbo Charged, fire-breathing monsters of the late 70's. Porsche 935's, Capris, Lancia's, Ferrari's --it should be a great Series.

    "Late 60's Sports and Prototypes" are models of cars that ran at LeMans and other endurance races from 1965-1969 -- and is supported usually by a number of Ford GT40's, Mk IV',s and P68's. This year, we are also expecting some Porsche 908's to contend.

    There are 7 races in each Series and we race on a combination of wood and plastic --and analog and digital. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, please consider attending any of our events -- please see the NCSRA Section under "Clubs & Events" here on SCI