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  • Anki drive starter kit review

    While the robotics start up Anki is not promoting there new race/battle set as slot cars, (they are calling it a video game...) many reviewers are comparing it to slot cars and going so far as to dub it the future of slot cars … to me it is more like a perfect mix of the two…
    the starter kit comes in a beautiful long box… everything about the kit screams production value… inside are two starter cars Kourai and Boson in their charging cases… a three car charger (a four car charger is available) a tire cleaner and the race mat the mat is 3.5 by 8.5 and its large, but its very easy to roll back up and store in the box … there is room in the box for two more cars… Each car measures 3.1 inches long by 1.75 inches wide by 0.98 inch tall… Anki offers two other cars at this time… Katal and Rho… each car has its own set of upgrades plus general upgrades like speed boost and handling… the cars are solidly built and can take some punishment… I know some would like to see licensed vehicles… but I think the cars look great for the video game feel of the kit … and make no mistake when you start to play… this is just like a video game… every race will earn you points that you can spend upgrading your car in the garage… if you've ever played a video game where you keep saying, one more race and Ill have enough for that laser cannon…then you quickly get addicted to upgrading your cars.. the upgrades are stored on each car and you can sell them back at a loss…Each car takes about 8 to 10 minutes to charge..and will run for about 20 minutes before needing to juice up again. The included three-headed micro USB charging cable allows three cars to be recharged, simultaneously lights on the cars will tell you what power up and weapons you have equipped… and when you fire or take damage…
    Each race turns into a battle of position… speeding up and slowing down to get behind your opponent… there are mines and tractor beams and you can even reverse direction… the AI is extremely smart and crafty…
    Anki has been very good with releasing updates just today an update came out and you can now post your wins on facebook and twitter..
    The track is to be treated with care, not stepped on, folded, or cleaned with chemicals. If you look carefully, it becomes clear why. In addition to being coated with a slightly tackier surface that better helps the cars' tires to grip, the track is also covered with special patterned codes visible via infrared. Look closely and you can just barely make the pattern out, like the grooves on a vinyl record. The cars read these codes as they move along to know where they are and where other cars are on the course and to help them maintain their "lane" without player intervention… and you will need to keep your tires and cars clean…but this is the kind of matinace is nothing new to slot car racers …
    Right now the system only works with apple ios and only supports iphone 4s and 5 and ipad 3
    I could go on for page after page about how amazing the system is and the fun my son and I are having playing with it… any fan of slot cars and video games will be blown away…!
    Unfortunately I am having some trouble posting photos right now but I will get some up later…

    more info here: on the sdk beta release...

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    Prices is $199 for the kit additional cars are $69 .. Both can be found for less on eBay...



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      This looks super cool, thanks for posting.

      I'd love to try it!


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        Looks cool, but has nothing to do with slot cars.


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          Originally posted by NicoRosberg. View Post
          Looks cool, but has nothing to do with slot cars.
          ....but it has everything to do with Slotless cars.....and racing is racing.


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            Racing is racing? Indeed, but this is more RC than slot cars of any kind.

            I think it is very cool, and I may buy it, but right now it is no more slot cars than, say, Mini-z racing is.


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              No it's not slot cars... And it's not really rc either... But it does have a slot car feel.. And I know some here have ask me to write a little more about a slot carer myself I felt I would share my impressions with the community...


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                Yeah, fire away.


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                  There has been enough talk and interest in this product to warrant the review post, Deane. No one here will argue that it's a slot car, but the interest and comparisons exist in spite of that fact.

                  Thank you very much for posting the review, Popdada. I'm sure it will help a lot of people understand what it is a bit better. It's also nice to know that there is someone to ask about the product who is also familiar with slot cars.


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                    As I have said to the OP Greg, fire away.


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                      Thanks for your blessing, Deane


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                        I'm not sure if you are being factitious, but there is no 'blessing'. The discussion is in the right place, and at no point has anyone said we should not be having one, or even come close to that.

                        What it is or isn't close to among existing hobbies should be part of the discussion as well, I think


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                          Nico you have a way with words.

                          Sorry by it really is not needed for you to advise the Poster if this is a valid discussion or if it is not.
                          I think that would fall to me if anyone.
                          That said and while this is certainly not a Slot Car Set it is a Car Racing game so I am interested in seeing the responses of Slot Car Racers, and Motorsport fans.

                          Maybe the paddock is a better place for a continued discussion, but right now this thread is fine where it is.

                          So anyone with input, or thoughts both positive and negative post away.
                          I see this as a little like RC, a little like magsteer and something I am intrigued in but not about to spend money on myself. Still as it develops you never know.
                          I am more likely to look at this than RC, but everyone is different, and that is a good thing.

                          I would like to see real cars though, but again that might just be me. Not interested in Guns or Rockets either again I fear that might just be me

                          Is it fun? Are they cars, and is it miniature motor racing, those are what I am interested in, but others will like the feel of a Video game, not into that myself but always interested in hearing about new ideas.

                          Alan Smith
                          SCI Owner.



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                            here are some pics of the interface, speed is controlled with the slide on the left, weapons on the right. and a shot of some of the upgrades in the garage. steering is done by simple tilting your phone to the left and right. I picked up a 3rd car today. will let you know what 3 car racing is like soon...!


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                              Alan - I never said anything about 'valid'. I just said it's not slot cars.

                              As far as I know the Paddock is meant for broader stuff, and so this is in that right place. As such, I'm against the use of the 'slot car' shorthand ones sees (and the OP avoided), but I don't equate saying so with giving out any 'advice'.

                              Pop - If you don't run with any weopons or beams does racing the AI get boring at all?

                              I note that races are scored, based I assume on weapon hits, but can you just do races over a set number of laps or amount of time?
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