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    MRC is the sole U.S. distributor (unfortunately) for Ninco products. One more thing that Ninco has going against them in my opinion. REH was Ninco's previous distributor, I can't speak to pricing but at least their staff was knowledgeable and they filled their inventory on a regular basis.


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      Originally posted by Racerdoug View Post
      But for anyone that doesn't have a Ninco go kart yet or has never raced them,they are basicly an H.O. slot car motor in a plastic chassis. They are really fun to race but if they are worth 73.00 then I fear the Ninco classics will soon be 200.00+ (This is a perfect example of what Ninco has done to themselves in the US market)
      Be careful what you wish for. A well-known retail store in California may make your dreams a reality - they have several "Ninco Historic Cars" priced at $189.95 on their web-site (which you can access very easily from this forum, as they are one of the advertisers here), and more at around $100 upwards. Look on Ebay and you'll see several "Buy it Now" traders (autoslots, slotcarclassics) with equally optimistic prices for Classics still easily obtained from reputable dealers in the UK at sensible prices.

      But as to Ninco's pricing strategy for current releases in the US market, I can not fathom it. I do not quite understand how they are setting the prices in comparison to prices of their own product in other markets, and relative to their competitors products in the USA. It almost seems that the Ninco distributor in the US has mistaken the retail price for the wholesale price, then applied the usual mark-up. In the UK, Ninco cars retail for GBP40-45 (about the same there as, or less than, a Slot.It), but US$80-90 in the USA (where a Slot.It sells for US$60)?

      Whatever, it is maybe cheaper for the US consumer to purchase Ninco from retailers in the UK. After deducting 20% VAT and adding shipping, a GBP40 purchase will cost around US$65 and just take a few more days to arrive.

      So, the Ninco kart has an "HO motor"... it's about right for the power-weight... and, yes they are great fun on the track. Real life karts have an engine size similar to a small motorcycle (125-250cc), not many guys would really want to bolt on a Hemi to race a bare chassis with a seat, and expect to live to describe it.
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        back when I got into 1/32 scale in 1999, I purchased several Ninco go-karts, and raced 2 of them regularly. Yes (even tho not quite 1/32 scale, but who cares?) these go-karts have always been among my favorite 1/32 scale slot cars to race- box stock. We raced them at NJ Nostalgia Hobby back then IROC, and even h.o. scale racers enjoyed racing them with us. Also raced them back in the NJ132 days too. Every now and then I put them on my Carrera practice track for fun lap times. They are a perfect slot car to introduce someone into 1/32 scale racing fun. Happy to see that Ninco is still producing them.