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Grand Prix du Novato - May 31st

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  • Grand Prix du Novato - May 31st

    Grand Prix du Novato
    A 1950’s Grand Prix Event
    “When Drivers were fat and Tyres were Skinny”

    Date: Saturday, May 31, 2014

    Where: Black Point Raceway, Novato CA

    Practice and Tech Open at: 12:00pm
    Qualifying Begins at: 1:00pm
    Concours Judging at: 1:45pm
    Races Start at: 2:00pm


    Eligible Cars:
    1948 – 1960 Grand Prix Contenders
    Based on Scaley Maserati, Vanwall, Cartrix models and resin scratch builts.

    All cars must conform to NCSRA ‘Builders’ Group Rules

    Additional Technical Regulations:

    No Streamliners or rear-engined cars.

    Re: Lancia –Ferrari D50 – Gordini –Bugatti -chassis may not extend out in width farther than the width of the body at the rear wheels.

    Minimum wheel diameter: 20.00 mm Rear, 19.00 mm Front

    Maximum tire width 7.5 mm measured at sidewalls

    Maximum track (front and rear) 53 mm.

    Clearance: Min. 2 mm

    Guide may not be visible from above as viewed in direction of travel. Only 1 guide may be used

    Bodies may be hard plastic, fiberglas or Resin –no Vac Forms

    Chassis may be plastic, resin or metal

    Motor type is only limited by space – not RPM. Big motors have a sad history at Black Point – think Monaco –not Monza!

    All cars must appear as in-period or as-restored today.

    Race will run at 10 Volts

    Single Driver and Car -- Double Elimination

    4 Lane Analog Scaley Sport Track at 10 Volts

    Practice Session prior to race and TBA

    Qualifying – 2 Minute Runs –fastest time for session is recorded

    Races- Double Elimination –seeded by Qualifying Times

    Proxy cars will be allowed to compete –Please contact me for details – or if you wish to simply drive and not prepare a car –please let Steve C. know:
    ( [email protected] ) Same address for Registration

    Cars will be provided to Guests and Newbies if there are places available–we can only have a maximum of 12 Entries. Please consider prepping an extra car if you are a regular.

    CONCOURS- There will be a Concours held for all Qualified cars and a separate Trophy will be awarded

    ENTRY FEE- Fees are $10 per car or driver –please register your cars (2 max) prior to the event. Only 12 entries max accepted! Fee covers lunch, drinks, trophies and shipping.