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  • New Models from NSR

    Good news...

    The Dacia Sandero is not being made into a slot car.

    However, NSR has announced three new body styles

    McLaren MP4-12C
    Corvette C7R GT3
    BMW Z4 GT3

    Only the McLaren has been prototyped and it looks good. The others look to still be in CAD production. But they look good too. I'd post pictures but I would have to steel them from Amazing Slot.

    This is awesome news for a company that lost its founder last year.

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    Good news indeed.
    We'll have to include those on our GT class Jon.


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      The McLaren looks great.

      This sounds like a good class of modern GT's from NSR.


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        This is great news for the ever growing GT class. Easily the most popular class around these parts.


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          I'm always glad to see a manufacturer make a series of modern racing cars from one series/category. This allows for clubs to have a series that give people a variety of cars to select from. Plus, NSR (and make upgrade parts to retro-fit to older models allowing them to be as fast and relevant as newer cars.

 has focused on Group C and FIA GT1 (from the late 90's)... FLY did the Classic line, that gave us so many models from sport car racing's "Golden Era." Racer is covering Group 5 very well... NSR is now providing modern GT cars. Looking forward to the McLaren!



          PS: By the way, on another site there is a picture of the BMW in running prototype form.


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            Here is a 1:1 Corvette C7R that I saw at the New York Auto Show.


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              Yeah, saw that Corvette at the Detroit Auto Show. It's a monster -- should be a nice slot car.

              Nice new models from NSR.


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                I saw one !

                new Corvette on the road yesterday ! Cant wait till Gerry gets them at RED DEVIL !


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                  Jenny drove one again last week for Car and Driver. Beautiful weather on Monday, she gets the car Monday night, wakes up to find three inches of snow on it.


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                    No problem.....

                    Corvettes come with snow tires don't they?? In Michigan???