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    any news or reviews from the Chicago IHobby Convention?

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    Better Late than Never?

    Sometimes probably not. So here is my abbreviated report on last months iHobby Show. I was hoping others I saw there would have chimed in to this blog by now, but alas, no. So hence I will share. To make a long story short. Just what do you want to know? Ask and I'll try to answer. First who was there?
    Model companies, albiet fewer than previously. I saw some empty booths. No Carrera booth. No SCX booth.
    Ninco was represented by Professor Motor but not a big splash. The Professor was not in his booth at my visit but he had NSR on the bottom shelf as you see in the photos. Hopefully the Ninco line will be widely enjoyed better than under the previous distributor. And at a friendlier price too.
    Hornby had their Scalextric stuff but nothing not already released. They generally said to always check their website. Besdes Alan Smith's here at Slotcar132 and always has the newest first so there you go. My highlight was seeing Mauricio there with his cars. The new Chaparral 2G will be released in 2015 and will be the truck fendered 1968 body. (I tried to talk him into an anglewinder boxer in it but he looked convinced to keep it in the sidewinder family.) Pictured for you is the new Nissan Le Mans in red, white and blue as well as a test shot body for you to guess the make. See you good you are.
    Another slot car display (all HO) was at Auto World but the lady there didn't know anything about slot cars when I stopped by there and I didn't get back to them but I'll post a photo anyway. Check their website?
    Other interests at the show were some rug racers called Anki or ArXi (I couldn't make out their logo was too artsy) which looked like little alien land craft to be run with an app on your iPhone. Good luck there.
    I saw a trick new blade for applying super glue called the Glue Looper. (No photo here, sorry) As an applicator for fastening to your Xacto knife it was a neat way for fastening tiny parts. Ask your hobby dealer to look into having these. I'm into super glue. Everything but the sniffing.
    Otherwise I saw airplanes, trains, monster trucks, boats and more R/C four bladed helicopters than I care to count. I think the future for drones looks very promising.
    Mostly I left there in time to beat the traffic jam and swearing to myself. Ahem, swearing to myself: to support the slot racing hobby as best I can. The Scale slot racing hobby that is.
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      Thanks for the report I'm gonna go with Lola?


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        there is more

        Lola Aston Martin !!!!


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          Gulf Aston Martin Lola B09/60 also known as the DBR 1-2 (to be pedantic...)

          Cheers, Tony.


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            3 correct answers

            But alas no prize. Buy yourself some Muscle Milk.