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    So... BRM are finally producing a metal chassis.

    I wonder if this will compare, performancewise, with a Scaleauto car.????

    If so I am in for one

    Never sure how the body weight compares from a BRM to a Scaleauto body ????


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      Well, you 1/24th scale nuts sure have something to look forward to in this one. Of course with the new metal chassis it most likely makes all previous BRMs obsolete. If I were to switch back to 1/24th I would have to pick a single class to race as the price of these beauties would prohibit me from collecting a fleet to race in multiple classes.


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        I put off going 1/24 for the price point and then found when I drove one the experience was worth every extra cent paid. At a stroke I found I needed less cars, so whats not to like? Space is the only problem now for the track. It does not matter which route you go. BRM or Scaleauto, they are both fun cars to drive.


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          Weight is similar on the McLaren

          McLaren body weight is 50 grams so similar to Scaleauto.
          Performance here fastest is the BRM Group C then Scaleauto and the new McLaren close to each other.
          We are not looking for ultimate speed here, looking for affordable and equal racing.
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            Originally posted by dansula View Post
            I put off going 1/24 for the price point and then found when I drove one the experience was worth every extra cent paid. At a stroke I found I needed less cars, so whats not to like? Space is the only problem now for the track. It does not matter which route you go. BRM or Scaleauto, they are both fun cars to drive.
            Around here I would be driving them alone. For a relatively short period of time we raced BRM's around here. I have two group "c" cars. But the fellow who ran the program was so inept that it died out after less than a year.


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              Glass re enforced nylon still works well.

              The Glass re-enforced nylon BRM Group C cars are still the fastest here, not the metal chassis Scaleauto or the new McLaren.
              The lower weight center of the metal chassis cars means they are a little easier to drive.
              But who likes easy

              I like a challenge.

              See you at the Races.

              The beauty of 1:24 scale racing is you do not need lots of cars just a BRM Group C, BRM Porsche 917 and soon a , BRM McLaren and Scaleauto GT2/GT3.
              Of course if you really want to splash out a Megane could be added and we do have Scaleauto NASCAR cars
              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                Here in Jersey I would say Scaleauto(fastest ) then BRM Group C then 917.The BRM'S are a blast to drive especially the SAUBER MERCEDES.
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                  Here on non glue flat tracks

                  We are finding the Group C angle winders at 180.190 grams the fastest, but every track is different.
                  All the angle winders are proving fast.
                  Alan Smith
                  SCI Owner.



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                    A repeat of the 1970's when anglewinders took over racing from sidewinders and inline configurations. Imagine that!


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                      At the risk of running "afoul" of Federation High Command doctrine...

                      I'm thinking a metal chassis has to be more desirable, for the simple physics of the whole deal.

                      The highly detailed, festooned with prototypical features plastic body, puts a lot of weight up high...

                      High... where you do not want it in a slot car. Low center of gravity is what you want. Not

                      necessarily for a fast car, but one that handles decently, and resists the tippy-toppy-flippy floppy

                      handling easily manifested in an early (but very pretty) BRM.

                      Challenging ? Maybe, but more like not too much fun to drive ...

                      So, I'm glad to see the metal...

                      Besides, back in the day, most 1/24 commercial tracks fare was metal. Brass, Aluminum

                      Magnesium, what have you ...

                      I only saw plastic, when I returned to the hobby early in the century ... in 1/32 stuff.

                      Have not run the new 962 AW chassis yet. I do expect it to be much better. But after flattening it

                      out in the oven (would I have to do a metal chassis like that ?) I will probably be adding weight to it ...

                      Weight ... the enemy in 1:1 racing, can sometimes be out friend in hobby racing ...

                      But there's that "physics" thing again. More mass equals more power required for it to be

                      correspondingly quick .

                      What I'd like to see,ultimately, is a motor producing about 400+ grams of torque @ 25K RPM of

                      so to move this proposed sled ...

                      And finally, a working differential so tires can rotate at the appropriate rates in turns, and stick

                      like silicone/urethane (!) ... instead of slippin like spongies to let the car negotiate the turn, as

                      opposed to skippin , hoppin' & jumpin' in turns that happens , when the tires actually stick, and have

                      traction ...

                      Stuff to look forward too ...
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                        Originally posted by porsche917 View Post
                        When can we pre-order these? I looked on the website but didn't see any place to pre-order any of the cars. They look so good!
                        THIS should get you there.



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                          If there was a group of BRM owners around here still racing I would pony up the cash for this car.


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                            I guess it is a question of what is the goal. To go fast or to have close scale racing. I am firmly in the later camp.

                            Hardbody scale detail cars will struggle with high speed as any crash risks damage to the car and there is only so much abuse the body can take. Just as metal chassis were the preferred route all those years ago so were lexan bodies. I think "Federation High Command doctrine" is onto something by insisting on racing the car as close to stock as possible. And this applies to all classes of car. There is something very discouraging to buy a car then hear OK now you need these spare parts and the knowledge to install them before you have a chance to be competitive. A newcomer is given a reason to leave the hobby.

                            In the scaleracing class a metal chassis is no help for speed. Comparing the various BRM cars with and with out metal chassis's there is no advantage to metal on the track. There will be in the consistency of the manufacturing process, though. A computer controlled laser cutting jig will make the same chassis fore ever. Where as the plastic manufacturing constraints of "work the mould as fast as possible" can and does lead to warped plastic chassis as the chassis is removed from the mould before the plastic is cool. Also the the computer controlled machine is more flexible. It only takes a few key strokes to make more chassis. This flexibility is a great boon to the manufacturer.

                            We share the same experience of the early BRM cars on stock tyres. However, the angle winder BRM group C cars on Scaleauto sponge tyres are a predictable fun car to drive. Definitive factual statement coming from one whose first experience of them(2009) was like driving on a knife edge. One minute in the slot and then next in the gutter with little warning in between. I said never again to 1/24. How the times have changed. I am now a fan.

                            I think the biggest plus for a simple plate chassis cut by computer controlled laser is the repeatability of the product. It is a barrier to entry into the hobby removed.


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                              Metal Chassis ?

                              I hear you Dan 'O
                              Scale racing , is not about going "fast, fast, fast"...
                              There are all sorts of "thingies" out there that do that.
                              The "scale model" car, is the only reason I slot "race" to begin with
                              (And quiet as it's kept I will not race my 1/24 babies. Just want them to be "pretty", and turn smooth, quick laps.)
                              But being a child of the 60's ... I have a strong METAL bias...

                              Hey Mr. Alan, (The High Commissioner of the "Federation" !)
                              Why not put a bug in BRM's ear, to introduce a line of Porsche 956 LH (say Rothman's livery, circa 1982 )
                              With the latest chassis improvements (metal and A/W) so that the Baddest of Group C can be adequately represented ???

                              Then maybe the fastest BRM Porsche, won't necessarily be a 917


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                                With time as the base of the 1/24 racing grows then there will be a need to have a feeder(stock) series and a racer(tuner) series. It is some years off and that is where things will go. imo