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    Locally, we run our BRM Gr. C cars completely stock including magnet and shore 30 tires. The racing is always very close and exciting. Our local resident BRM pusher (Sorry Tony) Chris Kouba kept at us to try the 1/24 BRM's cars. We kind of slowly and begrudgingly warmed to them and now they are one of our favorites. The track we run them on is a fairly tight and technical layout with less than 1/4" between cars and it would seem impossible to race them being that close to each other but it is a blast.

    Thanks to Mr. Kouba, I got to play with the new McLaren last night and it does not disappoint. It was very fast, smooth and easy to push hard. So good it almost makes the price point seem well worth it.


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      Just ordered my West liveried F1. I'm a big fan of 1/24 stuff -got BRMs, ScaleAutos and a few Carreras. We're getting more of the club into the bigger cars but sometimes its like pulling teeth. A club across town is into the 1/24 Carreras only and we're trying to find a way to run all brands together. A tall order for sure. We run non-mag only on mostly wood tracks and the occasional Carrera layout.


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        Got mine!

        Got mine. One of the rear melted tabs that attach the rear valance broke loose somewhere on it's way to me but I sorta fixed it with Shoo goo. It weighs in at almost 195 gms (no magnet). Not run it yet but I will soon.


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          Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post

          Fabulous looking slot car!

          What are the mechanicals for this one?
          I am late to this party.. But what a good looking car...