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  • D3D New Product

    Hey guys, we have another new product entry coming your way! For those applications where you are tight on space at the front of your car, we will now be offering a Mini Front Carrier. It allows 80 of rotation and the centerline of the axle is only 3mm away from the center of the post. This is just enough to allow for the post to clear the axle properly. This one will only be offered in Drilled Hole Configuration (3/32 by default but could be opened up) because of the tight space. The offsets options are the same as our other front carrier. This one really speeds up the scratchbuilding process for those snub nose builds. Below are some sneak peek pics with an existing front carrier for size comparison. Look for this one to drop on November 1st!!!

    New Mini Front Carrier

    Size Comparison

    D3D Engineer

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    Hey guys, just a note about the product images. Because we want you to see how the parts are made; all the hole placements, angles, and such, we use high resolution photos. And because the parts are small, we have to zoom in tight on them which brings out more detail, some of which can be misleading. What this does is magnify the product surfaces which makes them look a little bit, well, rough. The parts are nowhere near as rough as they look and I assure you that you will be pleased with our parts and their quality.

    Thanks for looking and thanks to all of you who have already purchased our parts and started using them. We appreciate your business!


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      Happy Halloween

      Happy Halloween from D3D! No tricks, just treats... Just a reminder that today is the last day for 20% off Everything with our FALLFUN promo. If you miss the promo, we have some sweet stuff lined up for next month as well.

      Check out the sneak peek of the Mini Front Carrier above!

      Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween,
      D3D Team


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        November Updates

        Hey D3D-Heads! It is a new month, and we have new announcements. Starting this month, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on orders above $50. This is available on both domestic and international orders. Even more important than that though is our new Mini Front Carrier. Scratch-building has never been easier than this, so get those projects rolling. This little part is in direct response to feedback from our community, so keep it coming! D3D is always looking for new ideas and we love seeing what you guys build.

        D3D Team