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My Tacoma 24H Wrap Up

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  • I never said it was pretty...

    Written during/after each heat on the back of the rules doc that Alan handed out. Data as added to spreadsheet to follow.
    Originally posted by slotbutton View Post
    Look forward to seeing the info you have. Your explanation makes sense.


    • Spreadsheet

      Detail attached


      • Originally posted by Autorama View Post

        This whole discussion is very relative but I will add to it.

        6 lane track:
        - Most laps: 3758
        - Fastesp Lap: 8.65s
        - Time spent on track in seconds (12*51*60): 36720s
        -- Assuming you didn't pit or had a de-slot you would need an average lap time of 9.77s per lap to match the winners result.

        8 lane track:
        - Most laps: 6572
        -Fastest lap: 6.58s
        - Time spent on track in seconds (16*51*60): 48960s
        -- Assuming you didn't pit or had a de-slot you would need an average lap time of 7.44s per lap to match the winners result.

        ** Where the heats 51 or 50 minutes? (can't remember)

        So, are 9.77 seconds per lap and 7.44 seconds per lap an easy pace?
        Assuming (laughs) you never de-sloted, never crashed into a car parked across your lane (bigger laughs) and never pitted (impossible I believe - tires once at least), all you had to do to win is complete the race with the average lap times above.
        From memory, at "night" ( this just reminded me of the amount of de-slots at night - maybe a robot would be able to foresee an incoming crash) those average lap times were close to the fastest laps...

        My 2 cents.
        This is a great argument for "save the car". By not punishing the car by over driving it and paying attention to who is next to you going into the turns, You could be very competitive without driving on the edge for 9000 laps.
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        • Looks like you schooled us Alwyn! I think I started Heat 1 and Gord did Heat 2 but can't recall 100%


          • Darren

            Don't know much about schooling: to me it was just one long blast!

            And BTW the comments I made about the average lap times in post # 119: if you multiply our average lap times by the total number of laps you get 51 minutes (within a fraction accounting for the partial lap completed) for all the heats EXCEPT our heat 6 and 7. This is where you took off the car before the end of the heat and started working on the gear replacement. The replacement was only finished after the start of the next heat. That seems to make it pretty clear cut that in both these heats the absence of lap times at the end and beginning of the heat meant that the stop did not affect the average lap time calculations.

            And for those reading: Darren did stop work during the rotation change!