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    99 percent of the races here are on a Saturday night with practice @ 5 and the 1st race @ 7 pm.

    I came across an event at another track on SCI that was earlier in the day - with (optional) breakfast @ 10 am, practice @ noon, and races starting at 2 pm.
    In the summer that would never work around here because everyone is either out on the lakes or enjoying the warm weather.
    But in the winter when it's 20 degrees outside..... it might not be a bad idea.

    How many track owners have tried to organize a race like that earlier in the day with breakfast or brunch ?
    How did it turn out ?

    Some guys won't be able to make it because they're working or have other plans, but it seems like a good way to have some fun and mix things up a bit.

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    Our club (HOST in NH) races Sat mornings/early afternoon. Practice starts around 8ish, and racing starts at 10. We stop for lunch, and usually get done around 2:30. Allows us to have time Sat evenings with the better half...


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      Great race flyer, man you guys a nice mix of car classes.


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        Saturday Racing

        Doors "open" at 9 AM, Tech Inspection at 11 and races (3 car classes) at Noon, until 5 or so. Has worked for us that last 12 years or so.



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          Thanks Bill. I try to do up a different flyer for each race. Then print out some photos, stick them in an inexpensive frame, and give them to the winners of each class.
          We will run through all those classes and be done by about 11 or 11:30 pm.

          All 2 minute races are crash and burn, and usually run for total distance with the tie-breaker decided by fastest lap.
          Sometimes we race in a "heads-up" format where each and every race starts from the starting line.

          That usually takes longer to go through with a semi-final and final-four race to determine the winner.

          Stephen -

          Next time I'm on that side of the state I'm gonna have to look you up. I've seen your track on SCI for years. Looks really cool...
          Wish you could have raced on the 207' Carrera before I sold it.

          But hey, if you're ever on this side of Michigan, let me know. You're welcome to stop by anytime.


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            Pancakes and slot cars....

            So far interest looks pretty good. Probably should have done it a long time ago...


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              I am morning day person. I like racing then. Plus I cant drive at night. I wish more clubs would race on Sat early in the day. But most do not. Or local club in Louisville I notice always races at night which I cant make. I would love to race with more local slot guys. Indybob


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                Our club has never raced at night. Host opens doors usually around 8 am (Saturdays). Practice until 10 am, race 4 classes, pizza for lunch, everything wound up by 3 pm, 4 at the latest.

                Seasons usually October to May.

                Been doing this for almost 20 years.


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                  Saturdays - open at 10am, tech at noon

                  Barn Burners Slot Car Club races one Saturday per month throughout the year, with 3 or 4 additional special events each year. Except for the special events, Joe opens the barn for practice at 10am; tech inspection starts around noon and racing starts sometime after that. We normally race three classes each weekend, and racing typically ends around 4:30p. Very relaxed atmosphere - if we aren't ready at noon, we just push it off 'til everyone is ready to race. Someone always brings lunch or snacks for the group, but we don't really stop to eat, we just eat and drink as we go.

                  RacerX: the race weekend posters are a great idea!
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                    Yes I think clubs and guys would have way more racers or members if they met like on Sat mornings ' Early afternoon. Nights I spend with the wife and family. Indybob


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                      High Noon at Dead Man's Curve

                      I'll be having pancakes, bacon or sausage, and some toast. Here we go....


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                        Darnation, sure my here was the same as your here, you are talking my language....
                        (^ is that okay?)


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                          High Noon