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    To anyone who knew him,
    We lost the UPSGUY, also known as 22tall, or Steve in some places, to a heart attack last March.
    If you knew him, helped him build his cars or track, or he helped you, (more likely he ****ed you off!), raise a glass to him at your next event and post here of your memories be they good or bad. We do not have records of all the forums he frequented, but know he used many resources to build his tracks, bodies, and chassis.
    He hosted invitational races on the same approximately 70 foot long by 6 lane flat Tyco/AFX road track for nearly 20 years, and before that change track configuration on a semi-weekly basis. He Also made his own bodies and modified chassis. He created original hard molds and vaccuforms. Check out youtube or message me here for the link to view his unrecognised HO world-record length attempt. Video is poor quality, but you will get the idea.
    The pic below is of his track as we currently race it.
    The Demetia Speedway lives on!