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BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma 2015

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  • BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma 2015

    2nd Annual BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma featuring the Porsche 917 vs the 512M.

    Each Team once entered will receive a white body kit to decorate in their Team Colors.

    Event Nov 11th - 15th.

    Chassis and spares will be handed out Thursday Nov 12th starting at 10.00 am.

    Meet and greet Wednesday Nov 11th. 7.00 pm.

    BRM 24 hours of Tacoma.

    The 24 Hours of Tacoma is back as part of a BRM Show at the ScaleRacing Center.

    Entry per Team is $250.00 which includes a BRM 512M or Porsche 917 supplied by BRM for each Team.

    The first Team to enter will choose either a 512M or the 917 and from then on by time stamp of the Paid Order we will allocate a 512M or 917 alternating to allow the grid to be an equal number of 512M and 917 cars.

    Once we have the entries paid we will supply a white kit body to each Team so they can decorate in a livery of either an actual race Team or a unique decoration for their Team.

    The bodies supplied are the only bodies allowed each Team will bring their decorated body to the Event where starting on Thursday at 10.00 am we will hand out the chassis and spares allowed for the BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma Race. Each Team will also be supplied with a DS light kit which must be used for the lights on their entry. It is allowed to add on extra lights but each Team must use the DS kit as a base for their lights.

    This Event will include races for BRM Megane, BRM McLaren GT and BRM Group C cars as well as the BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma.


    Each Team will have been supplied with a white kit body and a DS lighting kit when they entered.

    Starting on the Thursday at 10.00 am each Team will be supplied with a complete chassis and spares supplied by BRM for the Event.

    These are the only legal spares allowed.

    Any Team feeling they need more spares will need to purchase them from the ScaleRacing Center during the Event and enter those spares sealing in their packages into tech.

    No opened spares will be allowed.

    Each Team will get the chassis in a BRM box with the legal spares.

    Lead can be used for tuning.

    OK to business of the BRM November Show and the BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma!!!!

    When? November 11-15th at the ScaleRacing Center 3723 South Lawrence St Tacoma WA 98409.

    Wednesday Nov 11th will be meet and greet and when I can pick up Racers coming in from out of Town.
    No BRM Event cars will run till Thursday.

    Both Tracks will be used for BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma for a total of 14 lanes the same as last year.

    Every Team entering will get a BRM white kit body and DS light kit when they enter.

    The white kit bodies supplied must be the body used to build your race entry. Each body will be marked and those marking must be clearly visible to the Race Director when arriving into tech for the event.
    A minimum weight will be announced, also car must have rear wing fitted at all times. Repairs only under green track conditions while the race is running not during lane changes.
    Complete rules will be posted in the next few days.

    Schedule is:

    Thursday 10.00 AM track opens and Team present will receive their Race Car chassis and spares. All cars must remain in the race room in the technical area only and in full view of the Race Director and Officials.
    Teams will set up and tune their car with spares supplied. Any other spares or tools, oils etc must be submitted to Track Director for approval. No chemicals or other parts will be allowed into the technical area to prevent modifying cars, tires and motors. All motors must remain as supplied by BRM.

    24 Hour Practice from 10.00 am till 4.00 pm Thursday. 24 Hour cars back to impound.

    BRM Megane race this may be IROC where car stays in lane and drivers rotate, or we may supply each driver who does not have a Megane with a car. 4.30 pm till 6.30 pm.

    24 Hour Practice 7.00 pm till 9.00 pm. 24 Hour cars back to impound

    BRM McLaren GT race. 9.30 pm till 11.30 pm then close the track for the night.

    Friday 10.00 am open for 24 Hours practice, Teams who have not received their chassis and spares will receive them now.

    Testing and tune till 2.00 pm. 24 Hour cars back to impound

    BRM Group C race both angle winder and inline allowed. Minimum weight 180 grams either BRM weight is the only legal weight for angle winder and inline cars.
    BRM sponge rear tires. Black motor.

    BRM Group C race 3.00 pm till 5.00 pm.

    6.30 pm till 8.30 pm 24 hours practice last Teams receive their chassis and spares, testing then Technical Inspection and Qualifying.

    After Qualifying all cars impounded till race start 10.00am Saturday!!!

    After qualifying we will all go out for food?

    Saturday 10.00 BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma start. ScaleRacing Center will open at 9.00 am for racers to get ready, only spares for the race allowed at technical tables. All parts will be in impound from Technical Inspection on Friday night.

    Track will run live for 24 hours lane rotation will be 2 x 51 minutes in each lane.

    Entry fee for the Event is $250.00 per Team. This includes all races plus the Body, chassis and spares supplied, these are included in the Event fee.

    The Event fee entry includes all the races only for those listed and active on a Team. Racers wishing to run the extra races but not Entered in the 24 Hours of Tacoma can do so for a $10.00 fee per race.

    Only Racers considered as on a Team are those who the Team Manager supplies at time of entry, additional drivers can be entered but this closes on September 30th 2015. Drivers can run on more than one Team but must list their primary Team as each Team MUST supply corner workers for all Events.

    There are good restaurants close by and Hotels I can check into rate for those who need.
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Light kit question

    Team must use the DS kit as a base for their lights.
    Does the supplied battery have to be used?

    If not can the position of the battery be away from the circuit board? ie connect it with wire?
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      You know... it might be cool to form a club team, for next year...


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        A very Clear and Specific; outline!! Wish i could make the trip, However: on Nov.10 is the Marine Corps Birthday, and then, Veterans Day on Nov.11.. already have plans for a reunion at the Lahaina Yatch Club in Maui, .. i'll try to persuade some of the 'old-timers', to form a Club, for next years event..!!
        i'll be monitering, for the Results.!! ~ Sgt.Thom


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          Why wait, next year never comes.

          Originally posted by brightpuma View Post
          You know... it might be cool to form a club team, for next year...
          Come this year, and next. Be part of a fun Event.
          See you at the Scaleraces!!!!!
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            Will the poster be available for sale?


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              I do not think that would work.

              BRM supplied me with this poster and it is great. But if you want the artwork it was done by Nicholas Watts so selling this is not correct.
              I certainly do not want to pirate someone else's work. Will see if I can find a link to buying this poster from Nicholas Watts.
              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                I had a blast racing with the Austin Slot Car Club last year. I'm not sure if I can make it this year, but if I can I will be looking for a team that needs a driver.


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                  Steve you are more than welcome to join one of the Canadian teams entered!


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                    So never been to one of these events, sounds awesome!

                    So you receive the car, livery, tune and adjust it to your liking
                    with your own controller (what ohm)?

                    Then race for 24 hours, how many team members a required
                    and how many are usual?

                    With Regards,



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                      I believe the bodies are sent out once entry is received. The chassis and running gear will be handed out on the Thursday/Friday before the 24hr - Alan will have to confirm - not sure if this years cars are prepainted or not - I believe they are white kits.

                      Ohm is your choice - track power is around 13.8volts. Last years 24hr there were DS,, Third Eye, Professor Motor and Difalco controllers used.

                      Teams are usually a minimum of 3 as you have to provide a corner worker at all times.

                      The event is great fun and you meet really great people.

                      Hope to see you there.


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                        Now the Buena Park event is done, back to promoting the 24 hours of Tacoma

                        Does the supplied battery have to be used?

                        If not can the position of the battery be away from the circuit board? ie connect it with wire?
                        Sorry for the delay Darren, regarding the light kit, the base kit must be in the car but it can be added to or supplemented if it is felt necessary. You could even add on a second DS light kit if it is needed, or add on led lights to act as markers etc.
                        All we ask is the original Light kit is fitted, and yes you can extend wiring etc to mount how and where you want, even add in extra batteries if you feel it is helpful to your Team.

                        The race is really not that far off now so get your entries in everyone interested.

                        Recommended is at least 4 Team Members but can be done on 3, remember each Team will supply a Corner Work for the race, and each Team will be responsible for a Marshal Stand for the entire race.

                        No Corner workers are allowed to use Cell Phones at the Trackside while Marshaling also it is not allowed to sit another person next to a corner worker as this acts as a distraction from the job at hand.
                        Alan Smith
                        SCI Owner.



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                          Team Brumos has entered 2 cars. See you there!


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                            You doing Brumos liveries?


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                              At least one