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Logging in seeing Checking your browser message.

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  • Logging in seeing Checking your browser message.

    So everyone is aware you will be seeing a message from Cloudflare regarding browser checks on SCI and on my Retail Store Site

    This is due to the constant attacks we are under and have been since September. A Ddos or denial of service attack has been pounding my Servers since early September this has cause a huge loss of business for my Store and problems logging in on SCI plus continual messages of errors when you try to access either Sites.

    We have switched on Cloudflare to protect the Servers from this Ddos attack.

    Sorry for the inconvenience this is creating to readers here and to Customers of my Store.
    So everyone is aware we have not been hacked, our Database are secure. No information has been accessed and we keep no sensitive data on our Servers so business customers have no need for concern. This attack is designed to crash my Sites and damage my Business.

    With Cloudflare and the Server operators we are working to stop these attacks. the checking your browser will make us more secure from Ddos attacks while we research these attacks.

    Sorry for the problems and delays these attacks are creating we value your business and are working to prevent these problems going forward.
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Wondered why that was coming up... Thank you.



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      Thanks Alan: pretty sad that a harmless hobby site would become a target for DDOS attacks. I was about to say "What is the world coming to?" but that would be superfluous.

      Hope things improve soon.



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        I would rather have that come up instead of logging in all the time. Thank you.


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          Yeah, I was wondering about this too. I thought maybe my company had pushed something new on me (it does that a lot). Thanks for explaining...I hope it works as intended.



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            Not sure this will correct the log in issue

            You can let me know if you have to log in every time you enter the Site. This will not cure anything to do with software updates. This is to help prevent the Site being taken down by a Ddos attack.

            Still looking for anyone with expertise in Subdreamer and vBulletin I certainly have not had the time to sort that out especially with these attacks going on.
            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.



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              Remembering Log In Information

              I visit SCI on my iPad using Safari. If I just click on the Slot Car Illustrated Forum text link in the upper left to refresh the site, I find that it usually forgets my Log In information, however...

              If I click on the main "Slot Car Illustrated The Online Magazine" logo at the top in the centre, then click on the Forum tab (twice for some reason on my iPad) I get to the forum and it remembers me.



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                I get the same screen warning on an HP desktop. This is recent. Is there something wrong with the site? Feels like a security warning...........



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                  I think it is a great way for you to be sure the site and store are safe. I log in and things for great here.


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                    Allan it is a security warning but it's one that keeps out the wrong people.

                    Sometimes this is what you need to do.


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                      Been getting it last few times, but it redirects and gets me on and logged in. Thanks for the explanation.



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                        I can live with getting logged out but there is one thing that's making life a little more difficult. When I'm logged in and trying to send a PM, if I take too long typing it in, and try to send it, it doesn't go through (or I can't be sure it went through) and it takes me back to the login. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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                          I have been getting the message, and wondered why. I don't know which is worse, these *&^%* hackers of the (*&^^* robo calls on my phone.

                          As far as I'm concerned, they should ALL be taken out and shot !!!!!!!!!!!!


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                            If you are doing a long post be sure to copy it by highlighting it and hitting Ctrl and C at the same time. If something goes wrong you can hit Ctrl and V to paste it in. You can also create a long post in Notepad which is buried in Windows Accessories and copy and paste from that.
                            I get several robocalls every day, even though I am on the No Call list. I have filed a number of complaints about the ones that I get several times a week to no avail. Be aware that Consumer Reports is trying to get service providers to make call blocking available.


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                              "they should ALL be taken out and shot !!!!!!!!!!"

                              Hey WRW ...............I LIKE it LOL !!!

                              Alan..............sorry you have to go thru this

                              I think once a little time passes and the HECKERS continue to be block they should move on.....I HOPE so for only a slight delay getting to the site and NO real problems!!