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    I too agree about the over sized car cases. Carrera seems to be in their own world, they do not seem to be affected by what else is going on in the slot car world around them. They made a great 1/24 scale track in the 1960s and never looked back, most likely making good profits all these years. But their controllers and power supplies are awful, i had to throw mine away! and replace with after market ones.....their cars are over sized, out of scale, too heavy, lower scale quality, do not perform like others (e.g. Slot-it, Scalex, etc).......
    However, in Carrera's defense (i am not totally against Carrera!), as i am a Carrera fan, mostly their track, they have made many improvements in the recent years to their cars, and i have heard that the power supplies are improved. Their 1/24 line of hot rods was very welcomed by me, the chassis was re-designed and improved, the best and coolest cars i have as rtr's.....then i began to experience lighting failures in these cars, both in 1/24 and 1/32 scales..... i have not purchased any Carrera cars since.

    I do own many Carrera cars. Now mostly as shelf queens, such as the James Bond cars, the vintage stock cars, with some dupes to race, as they are great cars to race! And their 1960s and 1950s vintage cars are/were (not issuing any lately?) are now very popular with collectors. Like the vintage T-Birds too.

    It may actually be a good thing that Carrera is different than other cars, as if all were the same, the hobby would be boring. And Carrera stil needs to make some changes here and there to improve their product, yet that is true with many other companies.
    another positive- Carrera cars work well right out of the box, usually very quiet and smooth. and their cars are very durable and touch, bodies and chassis are quite thick.


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      I too would like to see smaller boxes from Carrera, Ninco, Spirit and the likes. Fly boxes are quite a nice size, but won't fit some Carrera cars such as their '66 GTO and probably also their Chargers and Road Runners, not to speak of the Daytonas. The Ferrari 512 and the Porsche 935/78 are a tight fit, but so is Fly's own BMW CSL, at least with the later wing. What's interesting about the Carrera boxes is that they already used to be pretty large years ago. But, I think, starting in 2003 or 2004 they made them even more space consuming. When regarding size only, I like the Revell/Monogram boxes which are a tad longer than the Fly ones and therefore should fit all the Carrera Cars (they do fit the GTO).

      Another point Carrera designers should look at is their metal type of retaining screw. When I bought the Ferrari 512 I really had a hard time getting it off the base up to the point that I thought I'd have to break it when it finally came off. Then I had to un- and rescrew it at least 20 times until it could be done using normal force. The later issue Porsche 935/78 wasn't as reluctant to roll out of the pits. Although the screw issue is better solved by Fly, even there you have typical Fly quality issues. Thus there can be flashing on the thread of the screw or on the car's chassis as is the case on my anniversary Gulf 917, which is a pain to put back in its garage (at least it runs well now...). To my mind, the best retaining solution is that of Ninco and which use a type of screw/clip that merely requires to be turned 90° and your car is locked to the base. This can be quite advantageous when having to put 30 cars back in their boxes after playtime is over.

      Concerning stackability, my Fly towers are slightly more wobbly than my Revell and towers. But worst of all in this category is Scalextric. It sure is a good move to put a spacer beneath the car to avoid flat tires. But the problem is that they use the same length screw on every car regardless of how much space there actually is for it inside the car. Hence they put a second spacer under the base which lowers the screw. When you try to stack these boxes the bases don't sit flat on the lids but rather pivot on the retaining screw. How annoying is that?

      To top it off, Scalextric lids have sharp edges and corners even though they are decidedly sold as toys (no tobacco or liquor sponsoring...). Surprising, noone already sued them...

      Sorry to have strayed off topic, but I didn't start it...
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        Originally posted by sportblazer350 View Post
        Carrera cars work well right out of the box, usually very quiet and smooth.
        Thanks for saying this, SB. In my experience (450 cars or so), Carrera cars have fewer 'fatal flaws' (defects that prevent the car from running without modification) than anybody, and that includes Scalextric and Slot.It. They may have minor issues, like headlights on the 1:24 cars or the occasional wobbly wheel, but not the kind of things that make a car 'dead on arrival'. I don't recall even a single Carrera having a wheel bound up in the bodywork.

        This kind of thing is VERY much appreciated.


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          I am in agreement with El. I really like Carrera cars for the most part. The vintage stockers, even though I am not really a NASCAR fan, are some of my favorites. The other thing Carrera has in its favor is price. I know of one online (also a brick and mortar, but not an SCI sponsor so I am not mentioning the name) that has them discounted, so you can get a standard Evolution Car for 30 to 35 bucks. You can even get a 1/24 for less than a scaley lists for. They've (both Carrera and this shop) got everyone beat on price.


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            RE: Cases

            Felix, I agree the Revell Monogram cases are just about perfect; a little longer than a Fly case to accomdate those larger cars that might come down the pike, but not too big & they are also a bit less tall so there's not allot of wasted space in the top of the case! They also fit inside of each other fairly well so you can store them nested in each other in an out of the way place when not in use! If I had any critisim of them the empty cases could stack a little better. they do O.K. now, but if they get pressed together too far they get stuck & then they get cracked. If the case was molded with a little stop in the corners so that when cases are nested together they do slip too far in each other, THEN they would be perfect!!


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              case mgmt

              I have a lot of Carrera cars and for those who may want to use them again later, storing the cases takes a lot of room.

              But if you separate the clear cover from the base, the covers will stack inside each other. I bought a bunch of the large c-thru plastic/rubber storage cases at one of the 'marts and can get probably 20 cases, lids and bottoms, into each this way. It still takes up a lot of room but I hate having to remove a car from its case each time I drive it.

              And considering that over the last 5 years, Carrera cars have come in at least 3 different size cases which only compounds the issue.