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Avant Slot Nurnberg 2007

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  • Avant Slot Nurnberg 2007

    Have a look through these images that Alan posted!!! Talk about workmanship! Bet it's pricey!!

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    What are the little black pads infront of where the rear wheels will be? Brakes? Tire cleaners? And what's the triangular piece in the middle of the chassis with the screw in it?


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      I think the screw is for adjusting the pivot/rocking of the front axles(I'm guessing) and the other things?? On board tyre cleaners


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        Very interesting-especially the Audi R10-anyone in the UK going to import these?


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          Isn't funny how the rally guys get the trickest stuff in this hobby? Does anyone know if that is 1/32 or 1/24 rally? My guess on the screw adjustment in the middle of the chassis would be for tension adjustment on the drop guide.(Just guessing)I would like to see more....This is a perfect example of why you gotta be there in person or you can't see ALL the neat stuff. Thanks to everyone there sending all the pictures and info back to us here at home,looks like another year of hard choices.


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   (no website to speak of yet...)
            its a 1:24 rally chassis.
            available with an inline or sidewinder for NC-5/6 style motor for 55.8 Euros


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              To answer a few questions.

              1/24 scale

              The pads in front of where the rear wheels are indeed tire cleaners. Many rally cars run these to clean the tire when running in flour or cocoa.

              One screw to control tension, the other is to limit travel for the drop arm.

              Note the axle pulleys on the right side of the chassis.

              More pics can be found here, in the Avant Slot gallery.


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                Looks impressive, but heavy.

                What's the point of running cars in flour and muck if you then need cleaners for your tyres? May as well not run in muck in the first place


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                  Will the R10 be widely available in the US and how much?


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                    Hopefully when they resolve license issues with Audi

                    This car will be readily available in North America.

                    I would expect pricing to compare with the SCX version.

                    More News soon.
                    Alan Smith
                    SCI Owner.



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                      You have to see them run in flour.