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  • Questions for NINCO.

    This is where you can ask questions for NINCO which I will present at the Nurnberg Toy Fair.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Compliments first

    First I'd like to thank the folks at Ninco for their fine products. I appreciate that the cars are truly RTR OTB. The Pro Race line of Hop-Up Parts makes for hours of tuning fun.

    Then I guess I have one question and a short wish list of things that would make the tuning of their cars even more fun.

    I would like to know if they plan on incorporating motor pods into future releases?

    And the things I would like-
    A simple kit to retro fit the proshock suspension into non-shock cars. I love the quiet ride of the suspension cars on my bumpy plastic track.

    It would be great to control height of the front axles. Especially on the 4WD cars. It seems the belt wants to lift the wheels off the the track making them part time tripods, not so much all wheel drive.

    I would definitely buy different length belts for the 4wd system. Maybe a couple of different lengths between the long black belt which slips quite easily and the short red belt that puts quite a lot of stress on the system.

    Those are the things that I would ask Ninco about. Oh and for more Volkswagens. Perhaps a Polo. Or the new Iroc.

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      Please keep the Ninco JGTC cars coming, I'd like the New Nissan GT-R that PeteN95 provided us a picture with in the Ninco forum to be future consideration, along with a MR-S, they also run the Mosler and have some nice liveries there as well.

      Thanks, John


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        I'll second that. - both the Nissan GT-R and the Toyota MR-S would be welcome additions to the Super GT grid.
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          Originally posted by sportwagen View Post
          I would like to know if they plan on incorporating motor pods into future releases?
          Excellent question. I was thinking the same thing.



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            Ninco, how about these additions from Lexus and Suburu to the Super GT field


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              N-Digital for RAID and Snow.

              Snow dune.



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                How about the Spyker?


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                  More JGTC/Super GT cars, especially the Lexus SC430 and Nissan GTR!!



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                    Need some more vehicles like the Porsche 914, Porsche 718RSK,
                    Porsche 959 Rothmans Dakar, Porsche 904, Jag C-type & E-type, Ginetta G4,


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                      A stiffer chassis would be nice.
                      Another easy fix would be to fill in the gap between the pinion side motor supports and the bearing carriages. Then racers will no longer use the words hop and NINCO in the same sentence.
                      Keep the good running no-mag cars coming. With a little bit of extra plastic in some places, they would be world beaters.



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                        How about the Porsche 914/6 number 59 Peter Gregg Anglewinder ?

                        How about more 50s Sport Racers?



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                          Another vote for more JGTC cars, especially some of the cars that run in the 300 class. Maybe also consider finishing the 2005 JGTC 500 grid.
                          Aston Martin (DBR9?) from the FIA GT.
                          Specialist track pieces, like y curves, x intersections, split lanes so street circiuts could be built for the tuners and street racers.


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                            How about an Aston Martin DBR-1 or 3 for the classic range? Long overdue....


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                              How about bringing back our beloved NC-1?
                              And keep it under $15...