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  • Questions for BRM.

    Post your questions for Francesco from BRM so I can ask them at the Nurnberg Toy Fair.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    somebody has got to ask brm sumpthin

    how about making a line of oversized 1/32 vintage 60s f1
    big enuff to actually chip
    and run on standard track

    There is no plan at this time to produce 1/32 scale Cars.

    We see our place in the Market is to grow Worldwide interest in Scale 1/24 Model Car Racing.

    We will be expanding our line of 1/32 scale parts and accessories but will not produce a 1/32 scale Car right now.
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      Sure, I'll ask....what's BRM's next planned car outside the 956/962 line?

      And were those rear bushings intended to be glued in, or left loose as some have suggested?

      The next car is the Toyota.

      The rear bushing should be left as a push fit.

      Obviously you can do many things to a BRM car to make it faster but our intent is to keep scale like speeds.

      We have see BRM Cars with sponge tires and higher performance motors run very fast however this is not our Philosophy.

      We believe in producing beautiful Scale Models that can be raced at realistic speeds on Model Car Race Tracks.

      With Alan from Scaleracing we will be developing a BRM Scaleracing Series for "Stock" BRM Cars.

      The only planned changes to the cars are different BRM tires for different types of tracks.

      The second Annual Final for the BRM Scaleracing Series will be in Chicago in October, at the same time as the Chicago Hobby Show.
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        leave the bushings loose. they's meant to be able to rotate in the lube the chassis around trhe bushings.


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          The IMSA porsches look awesome! I plan to buy a few even though I'm solely into 1/32 scale slots. Any chance that BRM will get into 1/32 soon?

          We supply 1/32 scale Slot Car Manufacturers with wheel, tires and other parts. Howeve we do not plan to produce a 1/32 scale car at BRM right now.

          We believe our future is in Scale 1/24 Model Racing Cars.
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            Updated, replies in bold.

            Please do not post new questions here, post in the BRM Forum.

            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.