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  • have more than oXigen and Nürnberg 2009 news

    But I had to test the oXigen system they had set up. This races just like Analog, crisp throttle response, great brakes and no interaction or dropping in power on this set up.

    I can not wait to try a large layout with 4 lanes and the lane changer.

    Talking Lap Counter, I went how slow!! WOW this is great.

    Wireless dongle interfaces between Computer and Track system.

    Getting straight to the point, a NINCO compatible Straight changer from

    Track interface for 2 Lanes.

    Telemetry hook up for a DS Lap Counter.

    Anyone what fish with their chips.

    More to come later.
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Holy Cow!!

    All I can say is I need to find a job real fast!



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      I need to know what the other mystery car is, the Chaparral 2E is fantastic, but there is still one more new model car.

      I must know!

      Great Job Alan!


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        Good to see the Chappy wasn't just a rumour!

        That Mazda is lovely - is that a #5 on the front fender?

        And already another F40 to love ... great stuff!!


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          Never thought I would say this. Can I have a Bud Lite?


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            Alan - thank you for a great job on the pics/reporting!


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              Four lane changing.

              Smooth throttle control.

              DS lap timing.

              Easy chipping.

              All of this should make for a great day of racing NASCAR.


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                What? Nothing in 1/28 to take on the belt drive Ninco's?


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                  Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post

                  That Mazda is lovely - is that a #5 on the front fender?
                  Now if Alan had JUST held the camera at a little lower angle...........


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                    Thank you for the pics Alan, looking forward to seeing more and reading your thoughts on what you see over there, especially anything concerning that Chaparral! Man, even with it being just a prototype it looks AWESOME, I can't wait!!

                    Is it too early to pre-order one? OK, two...
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                      noticed chappy scheduled oct 09

                      any noticeable difference between oxygen and scorpious ?

                      did scaly show the new 6 car powerbase ?

                      is it snowing there ?
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                        Chaparral 2E looks awesome, Wish there can make the rear wings move like the cox 1.24 do.


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                          Thanks for the pics Alan will have to get the Mazda!


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                            What do you wanna bet the first run of 2Es is sold out on advance orders!


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                              I will take one of those Castrol/Bud Light Jaguars!