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Teamslot from Nurnberg.

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  • Scaleracing
    started a topic Teamslot from Nurnberg.

    Teamslot from Nurnberg.

    Teamslot have been in Business 15 years, still producing in Europe and proud of that fact.

    The line going forward will all be plastic injection, they are fading out their Resin Cars this year.

    They plan a series of Limited Editions this being the first one. 1000 of each of 5 cars are planned.

    More images in the SCI Gallery here.

  • Racerdoug
    Way better than before......

    Big box arrived today to my local dealer from TeamSlot....I unpacked the cars so I could check out the new "plastic" cars. Very nice! The paint and tampos are very crisp. I have acouple of the older Teamslots in resin and its ashame cause they make some interesting models but they are alittle rough. These new cars look real good. Haven't run mine yet(Rothmans Stratos & Renault Alpine A110)but the cars are much improved. Has anyone run one of the new Plastic cars yet? I'm thinking i'll be buying all the Stratos

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