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PowerSlot Nurnberg 2009

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  • PowerSlot Nurnberg 2009

    PowerSlot shows off their Opel Manta Gt

    And 350Z

    As well as this Lola T298

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    Beautiful Lola...

    You just gotta love that sleek design!!! I didn't remember this car so I did a quick Google search and found that it was used very successfuly as a Hill Climb car (suposedly 4 times world champion), and also had some success in other categories of sports racing. This Power Slot car seems to be very well finished: it just looks fast!!!

    Also, while looking things up on the net, I found this 1:1 car site which may serve as reference to some of you builders/painters/repainters: found some "extravagant" cars there, that I didn't even know existed...

    Cheers and thanx for sharing Mike!


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      Take care, guys.

      PowerSlot factory has closed definitively its doors a few weeks ago.

      If you buy these cars, don't pay them the "high' price, as they also are very bad finished, a lot of french buyers found not round wheels, non-straight axles and bad gearings.

      These cars are beautiful, but do need a lot of work - and money - to run well.