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HO track with Raspberry Pi 2

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  • HO track with Raspberry Pi 2

    Does anyone have any experience setting up a lap timer/counter using a Raspberry Pi 2 and Trackmate hardware ? Due to space constraints, the Pi2 would be perfect, I just can't seem to find any further info .

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    WOW! What a great idea. I will be following this thread also.


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      Rasberry Pi 2 is more than capable of running an RMS. That RMS could easily be written to support TM as a track interface. I don't know of any such RMS though.

      In truth I've got a design for RC 2.0 that brings it to the Rasberry Pi and as a side affect brings TM support to the PI. Unfortunately at least right now the design is too aggressive and I've run into a couple technical problems that I don't have time to solve so the project is on hold.

      TM interface aside, I thought it would be awesome to have essentially a computerless RMS that could have as much functionality as something like RC, TM, or the other main stream RMS's have now...



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        I just got a Pine64 for 19$ and its way better then my Raspberry pi2. it's about an inch longer then the Pi2

        The pine64 is a quad core 64Bit board, i installed ubuntu linux on it and now it hosts my daughters minecraft server for her and her friends.

        If we could get someone to write a race management program in java, then then we could have every platform available.

        My pi2 board was not powerful enough to host minecraft, so it has become my retro arcade system.


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          I know this is an old topic but this would be great as I have a few Raspberry Pi 3b's not being used and would be great if there was something for some RMS. To bad I am not a programmer.