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Tech Question : Scalextric ARC One / Air

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  • Tech Question : Scalextric ARC One / Air

    Hi all

    Back in town (in slot I mean) after a while, I've a few questions / concerns about the Scalextric Arc One / Air. I hope the electronic gurus can help a bit

    I just get the basic Arc One and all is good (if we discard the bads) except that I'll need to adapt it to 2 different track systems; for instance Scx Compact for my son, and an old Fleischmann track for myself. The basic solution would be of course to cut / re-solder the opto-sensors PCB to adapt them to different tracks, but not only am I lost with much more connections than I was expecting, but I would need a second ARC base for the 2nd circuit.

    So instead I thought to replace the opto-sensors with dead strips (but they are directional - and what about the induced motor current flowing in the base ???) or something strictly mecanical (on/off) like in the good old Scalex electronic lap counter.

    So let assume I'll be able to get some kind of sensor / reader;

    now to the technical question: each of the 2 opto-sensors PCB are linked to the ARC base with 4 wires (and full of almost hidden connections within the PCB itself). I tried to figure out what wire does what but after some testing, I'm lost. In other words, what couple of wires should be shorted to get a "clic" for lane 1, and what other couple of wires for lane 2 ?

    Additional questions; are the opto-sensors identically wired between Arc One and Arc Air (I intend to upgrade to Air, so I hope it's the exact same system) ? Can we use variable PSU for Arc Air ? (what min / max voltage / ampere ?)