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RC Webserver Issue

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  • RC Webserver Issue

    Trying to set up the webserver option on RC. Doing so on my laptop with wifi, it gives me this error when I hit accept:

    Cannot initialize live web updates. Most likely a configuration issue or lack of administrative privileges. Details: Access is denied.

    Is there something simple that I need to do to fix this or is it a big issue?

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    Have you gone through the readme that comes with RC? In there are some details on how to setup the server. Generally speaking if you leave all the defaults and "Enable" it you should be fine. You'll have to change settings later, but I recommend starting with the defaults and verifying you can get a Live client connected using "localhost". That's the least useful, but by far the easiest thing to get setup and if you can't get that working there's little hope of getting anything else working.

    Off the top of my head here's a few things to keep in mind:
    1. You'll most likely need to run RC as administrator to get the server working
    2. If/when you get the server up and running you may have to set rules in your firewall or disable it altogether to get clients not running on your RC PC to be able to connect to it
    3. Anytime you change the web server settings, I recommend exiting RC completely just to make sure the new server that comes up has the settings. This shouldn't be needed, but it rules out one small bit of uncertainty