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  • Race Coordinator Display Question

    Just started with RC, and it's pretty powerful and customizable. I had a question/suggestion from one of the club members on displaying the race leaders sorted by total laps as opposed to "in heat" laps. While I'm able to customize the .XAML to display total laps during the race, I am unable to get the sorting on that column. Is sorting the heat display by total laps as opposed to heat laps possible, and if so, what parameters would I need to set? Am I using the wrong race format (custom round robin vs round robin, etc.). Any and all advice gladly accepted!

    Thanks in advance,

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    FYI if it helps--There's tutorials on you tube but they are almost impossible to hear- for me anyway.


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      RC's display is more or less limited to displaying overall stats or heat stats. You can't mix the two in a single sortable row/column. You can however do things like the global leader board which sorts based on overall standings and displays just the total score for each driver, or the race results screen, which is a MUCH more detailed version of the global leader board.

      Take a look at those screens and see if they're in the direction of what you're looking for.


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        After running for a few weeks, the question has resolved itself, and the screens are working wonderfully. Just need to spend a little more time to completely understand the season scoring function, which does have an explanation on the tutorial website. Just need to spend the time. Thanks for making RC!