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tomy afx dead strip problem

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  • tomy afx dead strip problem

    I have made a dead strip section for my tomy afx using an uno board. the dead bit is 120mm long and the removed bits are 35mm long. now if I drive all cars slow it works great but if I drive them fast all the cars but micro scalextric fail to register a lap. anyone know why this is?

    I am using race coordinator

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    That is a common problem with dead strips, all you have to do is switch the wires that connect to the dead strips. If you want to know what is actually happening read this:


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      I seem to have fixed it now just by setting the debounce to 500 in race coordinator now it seems to be perfect.


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        I am surprised that changing the debounce worked, but I have never used an Arduino board. I guess if it woiks it woiks! If you are going to hold races on you track it would be a good idea to do some extra testing with different types of cars going at different speeds just to be sure that everything registers correctly. If you were holding a race you might have a riot on your hands if the lap counter was missing laps.


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          not going to hold races it is just a home track I setup sometimes.