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    I own Atomic Hobby Shop in Cypress, TX and I'm attempting to switch the club track over to RC, The basic Round Robin kind of works but the group I have was used to doing 5 lap races with 2 rotations I guess you would say, I'm having a issue figuring out how to do this.

    So basically European Round Robin 5 lap races with every driver using lanes twice, if any has a screen shot of how this can be done thanks.


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    At work now, so I can't post a screen shot. Under the rotation screen I believe there is a box to times through rotation. IIRC it is on the bottom right.


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      IF you need one I can look at mine. We run a double rotation of 3 minute heats. 5 laps seems awfully short for a heat.


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        Note at bottom of the first screen you need to change to 2. Hope this helps. On second screen check Accumulate heats. Here you can also indicate whether want laps of timed heats.


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          Thanks for the info will try it, As for laps that is what they group has run so that is what we do..


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            Help from the RC fans

            Hi Guys

            I'm hosting an event tomorrow on a 3 lane track.
            9 drivers with their own car, they drive the 3 lanes with heats of 10mn, best distance.
            So a first round of 9 random heats.

            My request for help is for the second round.
            I would like that RC bring together the first 3 best drivers together in the 3 heats, the second best 3 drivers also together and the 3 last ones obviously racing also together.

            AND that RC organizes the race or event heats that start the first heat with the last group, second heat with the second group and third heat with the first group. Then starts again with third group and so on.

            I hope my request is crystal clear and that I.ll will hopefully get some help

            Thanks and good day


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              Try working with the event feature. It sounds like the group feature is what your looking for in the second round, which would be set in the race setup.

              Read through the read me files and the help videos on the website. It's the only way to learn how to use RC to its fullest


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                Hi K0z

                Followed your advice and digged in RC look at the videos concerning groups and was able to setup my event.
                Unfortunately the last part where pilots were regrouped didn't work well.
                The first 4 heats worked well but after that, drivers were mixed up in the heats.
                So again a little help from someone, please?


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                  Hello anyone!


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                    No One Knows

                    No one know RC better than the developer. Dave is very supportive ...try contacting him via his email link found at

                    Good luck !!