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    Don't know where to look for instructions on my issue.

    In the not-too-distant-past was able to upload my photos using the Manage Attachment link and the photos would be imbedded in the post. Not a link as it does now.

    What has changed or is there a new method to imbed the photo?

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    I am having to same problem. I every time I try to add photos after waiting a couple of minutes for the photo to load I get the same message "Upload failed" this has been going on as long as the sign in problem. Very annoying an frustrating.


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      I don't know, but perhaps it's related to the various site issues currently being sorted out. Monty, any ideas, is this a related problem?


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        You would probably be better off using a photo hosting site until this BB gets fixed. If you are using a desktop or laptop you could use this method:


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          I continue to be successful loading photos into the Slotcarsillustrated photo/album hosting site. There are two requirements you need to be aware of.

          First, the file size must be no larger than 100k. Actually I try to keep it still lower than that, say 90k to 95k.

          The other requirement is the resolution must be no greater than 640 x 480. The resolution of a photo can be tricky to determine, let alone adjust.

          I have been using a image editing tool called "Graphic Converter" sold by Lemke Software GMBH ( It allows me to adjust both file size and resolution, along with cropping and other basic and advanced photo editing functions.

          A full license sells for US$39.95 or €34.95. As best I know it is only available for the Macintosh. Lemke Software is based in Germany, but they are fully conversant in English, and probably several other languages, as they do business worldwide.

          I have been using Graphic Converter off and on for a decade or more. I don't do much graphic editing, but when I need to their tools are 'discoverable' and generally easy to use. Graphic Converter meets my definition of good software, that is, an intelligent user, who understands the task he wants to accomplish, can figure out how to do it without needing specific training in the software.

          Good software does exist, especially in the Macintosh world.

          In Graphic Converter you can adjust resolution using the 'Size' command in the 'Picture' pull-down menu. I set the resolution to 640 x 480. You can adjust the file size using the 'Save As' command under the 'File' pull-down menu. Again, I set the file size to 90k to 95k, more or less.

          I don't have a go-to solution in the Windows world, although there are doubtless graphic packages with similar capabilities. Certainly you could use professional tools like PhotoShop, but you won't find them for cheap. Someone more familiar with Windows might be able to make a recommendation.

          Ed Bianchi

          PS - Of late the Slotcarillustrated photo/album features have stopped posting thumbnails of newly-loaded photos in my albums. It only posts file names. That may be because I am approaching the storage limits for my account, but that is just a guess. Or it may be due to some of the recent software changes to the Slotcarillustrated site. It is inconvenient, but isn't a big enough issue to force me to go elsewhere. Not yet.
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            Weebly allow unlimited photos without size restriction as part of their free online webpage maker.


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              There may be some basic image editing software included with the operating system that you are using. Windows has Paint included. There is a less expensive version of Photoshop called Photoshop Elements. There is a free equivalent of that called Gimp.


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                I have changed nothing on my system and download directly from my photos. There has never been a problem until the problems that the website has at the moment. Let's hope the problems are sorted soon.


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                  I use Flickr with reliable results. Using Flickr, all I need to do is embed BBC code into my postings. This works very well. As an example:

                  IMG_0222 by gcullan, on Flickr


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                    gmcullen - can you describe how you load the photo from Flickr into the post? Thanks.


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                      It's really easy. Once your photos are uploaded to Flickr, you can select your photo to share. One option is BBC (Bulletin Board Code) which you just copy and paste into your SCI post.


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                        More info on using Flickr here:
                        Another choice is Imgur:
                        Perhaps some day our galleries on SCI will be restored. I mostly used those for proxy race results. I just checked the results of a few of last year's proxies and the qualifying and race results tables were AWOL. In some cases you could get the results elsewhere. If for some reason you are desperate to see the missing results I still have have them on my computer.
                        Since I post a lot of pictures I have a database with many of the links.


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                          Thanks gmcullan. It worked!