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Albums Deleted!?!?

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  • Albums Deleted!?!?

    I happened to look at an old post of mine -- all of the photos are missing.

    So I looked at my personal account, and all of my photo albums are gone!

    There were a lot of photos in those albums, and a lot of photo links in my posts. I'd hate to have to recreate them all, but worse, I'd hate to have all those posts become crippled by the lack of photos!

    Please tell me my albums and links will be restored! Please?

    Ed Bianchi

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    If the server has been moved to a new site without the images, rest assured I have all the images. So it's likely it can all be restored.


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      That's good news. Will the Avatars be reloaded at the same time, do you think?


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        I don't know but it's possible. I have a complete backup of the "old" site minus the forum thread data.


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          I also noticed that my album was missing and that pictures that were linked to that were not working. There had been a mention of that happening some time ago. I would not think that fixing the problem would be easy, the BB code for having pictures show in your posts includes a URL. If the albums were moved to another server the URL would change and all of the BB codes would have to be edited to reflect that. I do not see any way to automate that process. Certainly the albums themselves could be moved, but probably the original posters would have to fix the links.
          I have only used my SCI album to store proxy results, so in my case the damage is limited. If someone is desperate for old proxy results drop me a PM and I can fix the links.


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            missing albums

            I just checked, and my album is missing as well.........would love to know that it could be restored.

            Any help greatly appreciated !!

            Chris Walker


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              Probably best to wait for the turmoil to settle down, especially since I think I saw a mention of additional work/upgrade planned for the forums. It might be a lot of unnecessary work restoring a backup, especially if it needs to be done again after a future update.


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                Funny, same question...over and over again..! ONCE is all that's needed to answer every ones question.
                Wait until the upgrade is complete.



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                  So... I'll wait until the upgrade is complete.

                  Any clue when that will be?

                  For now, I'm delaying any posts that would include photos. No point in creating content until there is some evidence that this problem will be resolved.

                  Not to slam folks who are struggling with the technical issues. Been there, you know. But there are times when the bugs win.

                  Ed Bianchi


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                    And that is why I use Flickr. All of my posts still contain their photos.


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                      Not sure what happened with Gallery as not deleted by us.

                      I have no idea where the Gallery went, I had asked KidVoltage to back up the complete Site and then the nightmare continued with our Hosting Company.

                      We do have all image files saved but not sure how and cost of getting them back on the Forum.

                      We are updating Vbulletin software which will, as I have mentioned many times before, break any plug ins added over the years.

                      This will be a fresh up to date version of Vbulletin once installed.

                      The last thing I want is for the galleries to vanish, but I will have to search for expertise to see how and if it is possible to add them back.

                      I had wanted to capture a complete back up of the Site but it appears that is not possible.

                      I will do all I can to recover or make available images from my Site.

                      Please follow the thread in News regarding updates.
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                      Alan Smith
                      SCI Owner.



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                        Still no albums...

                        Is this ever going to be resolved?

                        Ed Bianchi


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                          Not at this time.

                          I have stated for many months that to solve some of the issues on SCI we are going to update the Software. This will remove all plug ins on the Forum, not something I want hence my reluctance to go ahead with this project.

                          The Galleries are as far as I know plug ins!!!

                          I have asked so many times if anyone can help get in touch.

                          No one has, so after the mess caused by my Hosting Company which has made SCI almost unusable for months I am giing to update SCI.

                          No one can tell me what it will be like until after the update.

                          If that does not resolve the log in issues we will move to new Hosting.

                          I had asked Kidvoltage to back up the complete Forum to save all data and images for me.
                          He has image files saved on my behalf which if possible I will get up on SCI after the updates.

                          If this process comes with considerable expense I will have to consider how to finance that operation.

                          I will get the images from Kidvoltage, who has tried for many hours to help resolve issues here. I deeply appreciate his efforts on my behalf. I will do all I can to restore images in some format once updates and a decision on hosting have been made.

                          The images were not lost by VBulletin updates as they gave not happened yet.

                          This was caused by during their take over of Servint and subsequent problems they created.

                          Still no matter I will do all I can to recover images after resolving other SCI issues.
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                          Alan Smith
                          SCI Owner.



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                            Wishing you luck with this Alan. While it would be the best of all possible results if all images were preserved, and we didn't lose any history here, I'd bet that you- and most of us- would be happy if the log in issues were fixed (regardless of side effects) so that going forward the site can be used w/o difficulty. You would no longer have to answer endless questions about the site's usability, and active user threads could focus on something other than how to make a post. At this point the site has become such a chore to use, that most simply don't.


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                              I agree. It will suck to have to go back through and re-upload and/or re-link photos that don't appear in our galleries. It's good that Monte has a backup, so that the images are not lost. If they can't be recovered directly to user galleries, then hopefully they will at least be organized by user name and album name so that they can easily be downloaded and re-uploaded if the user desires.

                              It's much more important to get the forum functioning reliably again, not the least including the ability for new users to register.