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F1 2019 - A Whole New Season. Albert Park, Melbourne Australia

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    I guess $80 a year directly from F1 TV is not a bad idea then...


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      If you can get it in your territory, go for it.


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        So what do you reckon changed at Ferrari, that made them so competitive in Bahrain compared to Melbourne?

        Separately, although I'm not particularly a Hamilton fan, I thought he was pretty gracious in his comments about Leclerc's performance this weekend, and future prospects.


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          Bahrain is smooth, like Barcelona, and unlike Oz.

          Ferrari badly underperformed in Oz too, today they maxed out their pace.

          I thought that Leclerc would take half a dozen races to start schooling Vettel, not two. Impressive.


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            Originally posted by slotbutton View Post
            Anyone signed up for the F1 fantasy league?
            As a matter of fact I did, I am ďrunningĒ a team called Chicken Hawk Racing

            Originally posted by dinglebery View Post
            I guess $80 a year directly from F1 TV is not a bad idea then...
            Last year August I visited the Belgium Grand Prix. The same weekend my wife had to go to a wedding (thank god I already bought the tickets for the race).

            A daughter of a good friend offered to baby sit the cats, together with her friend. I had my thoughts about this but my wife said it would be fine. So it didnít, wenn I turned on the TV I saw a huge spot with all burned pixels. And that was the end of it, I could bring it to the dump, 5 and a half year old with a 5 year garantee

            Since I was the only one using the set we decided to not buy a new TV and cut the cable. The rest of the year I watched the F1 on my laptop using some more or less legal streams

            This year the F1 TV Pro became available for the Netherlands so I subscribed. I must say it is very nice, the money well spent. And, for the good felling, I am paying for a legal stream.


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              Who are the commentators and other personnel on F1 TV Pro?


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                Hi Nico,

                As far as I know it depends on the language, for English itís the Sky commentators.

                In the Netherlands the App is offered in cooperation with Ziggo, one of the biggest providers over here. I guess that I would get the Ziggo comment when I switch to Dutch (which i wonít )

                So probably theíve got some kind of deal with the local contractor.

                The app offers about the same package that you get from Sky, F1, F2 and F3 free practices, qualifications and races. There is a F1 race preview but I donít know if itís the same as on Sky, probably not. Just donít have the in-depth analyses one has on Sky, but maybe this will change in the future. Itís also has an archive with races from the past although currently far from complete.

                Last weekend I watches both F2 races which were very entertaining. Regretfully our local hero Nick the Vries once again showed he is not able to manage these Pirelli tires. A real shame because he is fast enough for F1 but probably wonít make it.

                And to answers certain questions: No I donít work for Liberty Media but I do like the app. The stream is not 100% perfect yet and sometimes has hick-ups but I guess they will improve on that.


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                  Yeah, things will improve.

                  20 years from now the idea F1 was ever free will seem strange.


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                    I was relatively pleased with F1TV for the second half of the F1 season last year. On FaceBook, F1 advertised a half-price deal for the season right before Barcelona testing, so I signed up for the season for $50. It is better this year from last year. It's easy to watch the practice sessions, qualy and races live, and the replays are available pretty quickly after they finish, in case you're a bit late. Also this year we get to watch complete F2 races and practices/qualy, which is fun. F2 races often have more action than F1, and it's nice to see who might be in line to move up to F1 soon. We don't get all of the SkySports extra coverage shows, but we do get pre- and post-race shows with Will Buxton, so that's good stuff.


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                      It is definitely the future, and the cost is not much for what we get.


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                        As far as I am concerned they killed the app and won't get any more $ from me. App now does not work on older devices and the commentary no longer available, You need to stream the race live with their app and that function now from this year not available for my location. Previous year their English commentary was from BBC Radio 5 live, so looked at setting up a VPN to get that broadcast. But they've got it covered there too, the BBC live feed is actually 30 seconds delayed. I think this year has been a giant step backwards on the coverage, at least in my location.


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                          You can also login to their website and use your browser to stream the race, as long as you have an account.