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    Originally posted by DrumPhil View Post
    Even Toto doesn't want to see that, as Merc would lose the opportunity to keep whining that they really aren't the dominant car and team. We all know that they are;
    I don't think TW whines about anything, he is a cautious man however.

    There were large chunks during the past 2 seasons where they didn't have the dominant car. Last season especially.

    In Bahrain, just three weeks ago, they were well beaten on pace, needing Hamilton's fighting spirit and skill combined with some luck to take the spoils.

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      Originally posted by NicoRosberg. View Post
      My point wasn't about specific races though, it was that Hamilton has generally had Bottas covered

      2 World titles to none, 23 poles to 7, 22 wins to 4.
      Indeed, Hamilton has been significantly more successful (one is reminded of Alonso vs Vandoorne), but then he's also had six more years in F1. But right now, Bottas is surely his closest competitor for the 2019 title - and seems well capable of achieving it, I reckon.


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        That stats I posted were only for their years in the same team.

        I think LH's biggest rival will be Vettel or Leclerc, once they sort out the balance and the monster engine modes they can't access all the time.

        Of course, by the time they do that, if they do that, Lewis and VB could be miles ahead.

        Pivotal weekend coming up then.....